View Full Version : Solved Turkish characters not found error I get links to the emergency

24-11-09, 16:15
The Problem Pointed Out In The Header

Example : http://forum.nokiacep.com/ozel-oda/131404-sharing-mobile-phone-yapt%C4%B1%C4%9F%C4%B1%C4%B1n%C4%B1z-%C4%B0%C3%A7erikli-sites-new-post.html

24-11-09, 16:37
Just looking there.

24-11-09, 16:45
I will need access to your Admin CP and FTP - please send me those in PM.

As I see all links are generated wrong (without lang code) and I have to find out why.

24-11-09, 17:09
add my msn address the subject, let's talk about

25-11-09, 07:06
Please note that our customers are form whole the word and there are big time differences. Because of that we provide support by this forum only.

Please send me as Private Message access details to your forum (to Admin CP and FTP). You can always create temporary accounts for security reasons. Still I need access there, because this issue is related only to your forum and we have no ready answer for it.

First we have to check does vBET is generating appropriate links to be sure that it is vBET bug or some other mod is changing links after our changes. Also we need to check your configuration and redirecting rules.

25-11-09, 15:54
I sent a special message with information

25-11-09, 15:55
Thank you - I'm going there right now.

26-11-09, 16:25
The reason is wrong vBSEO configuration.

Set option "Replace Non-English Characters in URLs?" to "Keep Non-English Characters in URLs".

This mysteriously disappear from our integration manual. Sorry for troubles :) just set parameter and it will be fine :)

27-11-09, 11:18
Great thread! I had this problem too, but now everything is working with vBSEO links :D

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