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11-02-11, 14:16
Some flag alt texts are wrong.

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See image, code being inserted.


12-02-11, 20:09
i will check it and write here
please be patient

13-02-11, 15:36
Did you install any mod/s ? or mod that deletes comments ?
Did you change something in template?
And last clear cache .

13-02-11, 16:31
No. No mods that edit comments.

I did try clearing cache, no change.

I just removed it from the flags begin template and it is fixed.

<div class="smallfont" align="center">
<div class="vbetflagsbox">


<div class="smallfont" align="center">
<div class="vbetflagsbox">

What do <!--vBET_SNTA--> and <!--vBET_NRE--> and <!--vBET_ENTA--> do ??? I need to know if they are ok to remove from template?

14-02-11, 12:09
Why is support always so fricking slow!?

14-02-11, 12:29

This tags is a not translated area - if you have some words into this tags, this words will not be translated.

I can't reproduce it on my test forum, so you can send to me by PM your FTP details and I can fix it.

Secondly, If this is working for you - It can be.

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