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10-02-11, 20:30
I know that it was proposed already but i'd like to bump that idea. For me it's absolutely "must have" for such feature on large forums. I tried to rewrite vBET to use it, but after a quick look on your code i gave up. Why don't you use object programming? It's so much easier to code and modify scripts with it. I believe that it would be 5 min. job to code another caching mechanism when it would be in a standardized class.

10-02-11, 23:29
We are working now on this option :)

26-02-11, 16:46
Just as Kamil wrote - we are working on it :) More precisely I'm working on it in this very moment :) We want to support:
- Memcache
- apc
- xcache
- eaccelerator

If it will be included in next release then definitively will be marked as BETA functionality. It is not decided yet will it be in next release or the one after that. Also if it will be included in next release we still didn't decided will it be fully supported or just for guest cache for the beginning.

In short words - we will give you this functionality, still not sure will it be in next release :)

26-02-11, 16:56
If you had decent cache object class adding next cacheing storages would be peace of cake.

Marcin Kalak
27-02-13, 11:28
Sorry for late reply. This functionality was added in release 4.3.0.

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