View Full Version : Stop looking after x failures (Database Cache)

08-02-11, 20:36
This is set at 15

Would say 5 make vbet faster?

As surely after 5 attempts it is known whether to use cache or not.

08-02-11, 22:19
hmm , I will talk to Kamil, but i think You're right , for 100% i will write when i will consult it with Kamil

08-02-11, 22:21
ok thanks****************************************************************************************************..

09-02-11, 12:07
Is this really that hard to answer?

09-02-11, 12:12
Not really hard , but if You want a good anwser , we need to consult it :)

09-02-11, 12:13
Right, well both the programmers have been online today, they replied to my other thread!

09-02-11, 14:36
Yes , Snake you're right , 5 is good to make vBET faster , i've tested on test forum and You're right .
Thanks for Your anwser

09-02-11, 14:39
Great, that brings me to my next question, would lower still be better, say 3.

14-02-11, 12:09
Why is support always so fricking slow!?

It is not a hard question!

14-02-11, 12:44

This option is described in admincp->vBET->cache
Just read: If you set this value too low it will decrease page generation speed.

This is optionaly, on a one forum will work better with high value, on another - with very low. On our main vBET forum We have this option set on the 15.

This is optional. You must test the best option for your forum.

14-02-11, 12:48
I dont understand how this degrades performance, surely lower is faster, whatever forum.

If it is looked for 3 times that must be enough to find the translation.

Why would some forums need to be search 15x, and some 5x, doesnt make sense.

Also, the admincp english is so bad, that is why i need clarification. I can read just fine so please do not point me elsewhere, i want support, that is why i am here.

14-02-11, 12:55
So, why this is optional? Because one forum have more content etc.
We are working on our and our customers experience. The better if you can change the value of this option :)

So, please, test it for you forum (also if You set 0 - you disable this option)

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