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08-02-11, 02:19
i have free Vbet 2.4.3 , well is strange
before use to be ok but now is really messed up

let me start

in me forum names example


before translation was ok but now example mars jupiter earth, beeing translatied as forum 1
forum 2
forum 3

i dont understand why is happen, is this because i am free version or there is any problem with my codes ?

another think

on my cmps portal if i make a module or menu based on html codes , and when u try to use different langue all portal is goin mad,
i mean mad because u see codes all over the place every corner of the website lol

Note: i dont use seo

is there any solution for this . please let me know

Regard Toni

08-02-11, 11:26
Are you using other mods than vBET ?
and please give url with this issue :)

08-02-11, 15:30
hi youngster

i dont use nothing really accept 2 3 plugins

youtube video link converter on posts
and forum icon

have look

i cant give u the link here , your forum does not let me , i dont have 15 posts yet or somthing i will pm u

and u replaey here if u see any problem

08-02-11, 22:08
i'm checking it now

08-02-11, 22:17
For me all is good.

Uninstall version 2x and try version 4x vB Enterprise Translator - vBulletin.org Forum (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=232456) it's free

09-02-11, 01:01
thats what i have installed 2.4.3 i have this version already

09-02-11, 14:11
paste threats where are issues and i will with Kamil search for issues :)

09-02-11, 14:30
wooow is really interesting
i just empty the chache sql table of vbet

and i see that translation works fine now lol
what the hell i mean evan sql table of chace was around 9 mb :S
since i empty work so fast and really cool with translation

well thx youngster :)
i will buy this product anyway i wana have proper one in my forum
is just matter of time

also my trafic is increase to beacouse of vbet, thankju:)
i expected that beacouse me website is science website anyway
but well done to vbet creator.


well i think this have to be sugested on bug raport
if u activate chache on it mes up your translation
so beter chache to be off and website runs very fast


09-02-11, 14:33
I'm glad that all is ok .
I think paid version is better ;)

If you wanna more help write new topic.
Thanks :)

09-02-11, 14:38
thx mate will do

10-02-11, 19:25
my pleasure thanks :)

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