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07-02-11, 01:37
I just reinstalled this mod, wanted to try again, with less countries to see if load is better.

But every translated page is messed up, no footer, posts all jumbled, links all messed up.

Any idea what would cause this, i had to uninstall as it was a total mess.

Im 100% i followed the instructions, installed so many times now.

Sometimes pages would be fine, then refresh and all wrong.

07-02-11, 11:13
I was on your site but you have a vBET disabled now. I would like to chek it myself so please send to me by PM your FTP and admincp access because now I do not know what causes this issue.


07-02-11, 13:07
Ok, Computer Juice - Forums - Gratis PC Hjælp, IT support og Reparationer (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/da/)

Please look and replay fast, i dont want to leave enabled like this.


07-02-11, 13:15
ok I made some screens from your forum and I saved a site source in to file.
I noticed that the issue is on main page and on forums pages (not in threads) right?
I will try to find a reason of this issue.

Please - try to clear cache.
Did you edit some templates or not?
Maybe you have a new mod installed?

07-02-11, 13:18
Happens in threads too.

Hvad er den bedste gratis CD-brænding software? - Computer Juice (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/da/f52/whats-best-free-cd-burning-software-31441/)

Similar threads and footer broken, dates in wrong places, sigs all messed up.

Note this a fresh install, fresh upload files for vb vbseo and vbet , standard config options.

Can i disable now?

07-02-11, 13:23
ok You can disable. I will analyze this data

07-02-11, 15:46
Ok thanks, look forward to your reply/fix.

08-02-11, 02:52
Hello, just wondered if you have any more info?

08-02-11, 14:23
It is very difficult to find a solution when I can't reproduce it on my test forum. I have only a screens and site source but I need to look in to your forum code (because this is specific only to your forum).
Firstly I would like to aks Michał about this issue. Maybe he know a good solution.
Of course I would like to ask you about your admincp and FTP access (by PM) - it will be a very helpful.


08-02-11, 19:36
I can follow any instruction, im reluctant to give admin access.

I run this mod before and it was fine, recently added a thanks/like mod and a activity/points mod.

Let me know.

09-02-11, 10:03
You can enable our mod now - just enable vbet and after that go to admincp->vBET->flags and set Flags Place to Custom.

After that:
-vBET is enabled and I can use it
-Flags not showing and all users can't use our mod.

Secondly, As I can see on my screen - You have a wrong results from google in your cache and you have your content moved. We have a solution how to block wrong results from google (will be included in the next relase)

I can give you a quick fix:

1. open and make a copy of this file:
forum root/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php

2. in this file find this line:

if ($useCache && $wasTranslated && $translatedSize == $translationEncodedTextsSize) {

3. paste BEFORE this line:

if (!$wasTranslated || $translatedSize != $translationEncodedTextsSize) {

4. save
5. clear ALL cache
6. test it!

This code should block a wrong results from google. And as I wrote before - please enable vBET and set flag place to CUSTOM

09-02-11, 12:06
I reinstalled in it all seemed to work fine.

I have applied the code edit just in case.


09-02-11, 13:10

Thanks for confirmation. As I wrote in my previous post - wrong results from google in cache, try to made all changes in your code from my previous post.


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