View Full Version : Solved google warning and Tags only

06-02-11, 18:49
I saw a warning in google webmaster tools that my urls are too many. so i made up a robots.txt to stop all translated pages from indexed . Is there any way i can have ONLY the translated TAG pages since they have the most important keywords ?

07-02-11, 11:16
Right, try to use robots.txt file - should help.
About tags - can you explain it better because now I don't understand.

07-02-11, 23:52
ι have blocked all /forum/en /forum/de etc from robots txt

but i want to index only the tag pages for all translations. how to do this with robots.txt

08-02-11, 14:33
ok I understand now, so I will try to find some information about this robots.txt

If you will block all translated pages by robots.txt file and add in your meta tag for example: <meta name="robots" content="index, follow"> in your header?

here you have all examples how to use meta tags with robots.

08-02-11, 19:58
NO i want to block all forum translations ex /forum/de

but to ALLOW indexing of ALL translated tag pages /forum/de/tags

i want only the tags being indexed for translations nothing else

11-02-11, 12:59
Please notice that if you block pages for example forum/ja/ you also block the all urls with forum/ja/ inside.

Try to use a meta tag

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