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19-01-11, 14:28
I've bought the latest edition of vBET and have a few problems. But the admins have used very strict posting conditions so there's just no way to post a troubleshooting thread.

1. I'm not allowed to use URL:s in my thread since I dont have 15 posts. How can I post a link to my site for troubleshooting and how do I post the .htaccess content?

2. I can't send a PM to vBET team since I don't have 10 posts in the forum.

I can see what you tried to do (reduce spam) but it's not really working - you need to post a email adress or a link to a support tool if you don't want me to use the forums :)

20-01-11, 10:10
Ok I will try to solve your issue in your thread.

21-01-11, 09:49

at. 1. this is a Spam Filter
at. 2. We don't have this restriction but I'll check it.

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