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14-01-11, 21:00
Why is not working for me?

Foro Egipto: Viajar e Historia de Egipto (http://www.egiptoforo.com/forums/en/external.php?type=RSS2)

Foro Egipto: Viajar e Historia de Egipto (http://www.egiptoforo.com/forums/external.php?type=RSS2&language=en)

But my feeds are working:

Foro Egipto: Viajar e Historia de Egipto (http://www.egiptoforo.com/forums/external.php?type=RSS2)


17-01-11, 10:18
ok I will try to solve it.

19-01-11, 12:24
As I see you have a Syntax Error - the issue is in your forum description.
You can simply test it - just edit your forum description and put text without any specific letters (for example put description in english) and try it.
I tested it on my test forum with your original forum description (in spain) and it is work on my forum.

If still not work - please send to me by PM you FTP and admincp details and I will check it and solve.

I am waiting for info and still trying solve it.

20-01-11, 22:42
Thanks but this is not the problem. I did it.
I saw in the code that when RSS finds a puntuation symbol (ó, à, etc) the RSS stops. Is not a problem of description field, it's the problem on how Vbet deals with some language codes. It's not a syntax problem.
Anyway, i have learn to have a lot of pacience with VBET, because afterall, i prefer use it, but never found an extension with such problems.

I only need to know, why rss stops when find some symbols, normal symbols in many languages.

21-01-11, 09:46
On my test forum I can't find this issue - I made a lot of threads and posts in spanish with the specific letters like in your example.

There is a issue in translation - It can be related with wrong encoding on your site (or wrong encoding settings). I can fix it but I have to have full access to your site.

If you fink that this is no problem - solved.

22-01-11, 21:02
Thanks Kamil, one of this days i will send you a PM

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