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22-11-09, 09:12
Hello,there is a small problem of Spam.I have enabled so that the users invited can send messages, but with the question of human verification.Have activated in vbet \"Google Language Detection Notification Email\".The messages of spam do not arrive to be published in my forum since it works the human verification, but arrives me the spam to the email that have put in \"vbet\".

User Wimuejoy set message language to 'es', but Google tells that it is in 'en' and is 36.971924% sure about it.
We trust in user choice, but you get this notification to be able to take some actions in case if user tells wrong.
Message type:
Message title:
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22-11-09, 17:09
Does this human verification is made by some other mod? Which one? If not what is your vBulletin configuration which allows you to achieve this human verification?

22-11-09, 18:20

Uso la opción de verificación humana que da vbulletin ( Preguntas y respuestas ).

Creo que el problema es el siguiente (En modo muy básico, no soy programador):

Sin vbet:

Invitado ---> escribe mensaje ---> verificación humana --> Se publica o no en el foro.

Con vbet:

Invitado ---> escribe mensaje ---> vbet ---> verificación humana --> XXXXX


Invitado --> escribe mensaje ---> verificación humana ---> vbet ---> XXXXGracias.

22-11-09, 18:27
OK - we will investigate this in area of changing the order or in case if order is good, then in checking how verification went.

27-11-09, 05:12
I looked into vB code and unfortunately there is no smooth way to do this (it means without changing vB code). We still have it on TODO list, so on free time we will investigate it more (perhups there are hidden some hooks inside of methods).

For now you can just set blank field for email - this way you will not get notifications at all.

27-11-09, 23:34
No problem. Regards.

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