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05-01-11, 15:55
Hi For a long time I had some older version vBET (unfortunately I can not remember which). A few days ago I reinstalled the latest 3.3.6 and started to have problems. During the translation often does not display text. It looks as if a script has sent the text to be translated, the response received, he added it to the cache and forgot to put on the page. Sometimes part of the site is filled, and some do not (probably the omitted words were not in the cache). Usually after a postback is all about problem is all the more unacceptable when caching turns for guests - then empty the land file and are served for a long time.

06-01-11, 10:02
Please read this and try to check this: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/413-faq.html#post1537 if it's not that this please link to this page with this error and i, because I have checked with us to test the forum is not present. Thanks

06-01-11, 16:28
The FAQ does not answer to my problem. As I have previously (now that I have checked and i am sure at 100 % ), translated text is swapped on page only if it is in keszu (checked fates of some of them, Google is blocking my forum). The off option keszowania all parties in other language are without any text. Forum: Forum Bucket - Counter strike, games, programs, music, mp3s, videos, download, rapidshare, download (http://www.forum.wiaderko.com/) on main page in certain podforach does not have links to the themes (are empty anchory because there was used langtitle). The translations are much larger gaps. If post is new there is no content, only appears when you refresh the page (that is where the translation is already in keszu).

06-01-11, 17:38
As for me, it looks like a block of Google, but you write that check out. Please send the PM data access the Admin CP and FTP - check it on the spot.

06-01-11, 18:40
Sorry but I cannot share access to the server. Test Google - http://www.forums.wiaderko.com/translator_test.php Najśmieszniejsze is that I had versions 3.3.3 (for 99% this was just this version) and everything worked OK. I paid 30$ for the updates and forum is he throws.

07-01-11, 01:26
As we update, if you do not give access to server data? And if it had made her enter, so what the problem now? I do not know if I understand correctly - you paid $ 30 for an update in terms of a service update or renew a license? In the case of guest cache - clear cache propose after a problem is already solved. Please enter the access data - otherwise we can not see what is happening. I see that everything is ok with a link to Google - we need to find a reason for a problem that occurs only in you. Thus, only with you, we can investigate. You can change your password on a temporary, or give us access to the test forum, where we observe the same behavior. Very happy to help you - but now hard for us to determine what was happening, unable to check. Please supply a link to the page where you can observe the behavior described.

07-01-11, 01:38
Alternatively, we can give instructions that will allow for more accurate viewing in HTML results, which receives your website with Google. You will be able to pass them on to us and it may suffice to find the problem. Will require modifications to the code. Is such a solution is OK?

07-01-11, 11:15
Please contact me on PM, so it will be much faster.

07-01-11, 12:21
I sent a message

07-01-11, 13:28
Ok, the issue almost solved. Google blocked for some reason the API, and sometimes explained as normal, and sometimes drew 403rd error I wrote to them asking for clarification reasons. How do I get her answer is to share.

07-01-11, 13:37
thanks for the confirmation. Please, delete the cache yet, so there were no blank pages. Move topic to troubleshooting

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