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21-11-09, 22:07
Hello, I have only 3 languages enabled for users but I want the search engines are available in all languages. ¿I can have 3 languages available to users and 52 for the search engines?. I have found that languages are not activated on the flags does not work. Example: I have enabled English, Catalan and Galician forum.com / en forum.com / ca forum.com / gl and works well. But I'd like forum.com / cn forum.com / it forum.com / *.* continue running in the background. Thank you.

21-11-09, 23:48
Right now disabling flag means disabling translation in this language. It is to secure your forum against requests to translations which shouldn't happen because you do not have such flag, but someone could set URL manually.

Please explain benefit of having all translations available, but restricting this for users? Right now in our opinion this can confuse some users. Especially those who came to your translated forum, read that you support multi language community, make registration and then appears that they cannot write in their language...

Please convince us that it is good idea in some situation, which we are not seeing right now. If it is we will gladly add such possibility, but if not, then adding more options which are not used isn't good for product.

22-11-09, 09:08
Hello, I go you to give my 3 reasons:My forum like many others are headed to a Country, in me country use 4 languages and are those that want to have activated.My forum is not util for the foreigners in way of participation, but yes to way consults.For example, using the options of: Redirect to user language the foreign visitor could have all the forum in his language.The profits of this would be:Improve time of load of pages (The 52 languages relantizan the page)Visualmente better for the majority of my users (Of 52 languages, happens to 4, but really all would follow available)All the possibilities of vbet would follow available (52 languages and his indexing in searchers).I think that the profits are many ;)

22-11-09, 16:55
Yes. Knowing your point of view we can tell - this is really great idea :) And we want to thank you for bringing our attention to this issue. We simply didn't realized it before.

Added in TODO list, and should be included in next release :)

22-11-09, 18:23
I hope the new version with impatience: D

16-12-09, 02:54
Implemented - will be included in 3.3.0 :)

16-12-09, 16:23
Thanks :):):)

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