View Full Version : Google new API and optimizations are comming!

18-12-10, 12:48
Hello :)

Google is working on v2 for translation API. It is not stable yet, but it will allow to send more data in one request. Now limit is 2K characters send by GET method, in v2 there will be 5K limit send by POST method. So it will allow to limit Google requests which are main bottleneck of translation (communication with other servers).

We are staying tuned to new Google API and already started working on vBET changes to use it :)

18-12-10, 15:09
At this moment after few performance tests is teems that Google Translation API v2 is much slower... We hope that it is only temporary (less Google server resources for Labs version) and it will change after Google make it official. We will monitor the changes and tune vBET for those. At this moment it seems that it is better to stay with v1 API.

28-12-10, 20:43
I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out

29-12-10, 14:38
We also :)

Main differences:
- Longer queries (5000 characters instead of 2000)
- Shorter Google key (much shorter)
- Google key mandatory (it isn't for first version)
- Daily limit for number of queries - can be extended if you ask Google explaining why you need more (there is no limit in first version)
- Secured https connection (it is now just http)
- At this moment it is slower that first version, but we believe that it is temporary (less resources when it is in labs)

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