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05-12-10, 00:31
Hay i just install Automatic Translations Paid Mod. I got error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vbet_global_bootstrap_init_start() in /xxxx/forums/includes/class_bootstrap.php(103) : eval()'d code on line 3

When i disable forums working fine.

Please can u check what problem is.


05-12-10, 14:07
Hi :) If it is not a problem our staff will solve it tomorrow - on Monday. We are ready to start full support also at weekends and I will take care about it right now, so starting next week we will also give full support on weekends (can be excluded weekends on holidays).

Sorry for trouble this time. Please PM me if this case is urgent for you.

06-12-10, 11:48

Please go to admincp->Plugins & Products->Plugin Manager and find plugin global_bootstrap_init_start in vBET product.

1. edit this plugin
2. Find:

3. paste BEFORE this code:

require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_hooks.php');
4. Click "Save" button.
5. Test it.

Can you explain what I should do to reproduce it on my test forum?

06-12-10, 20:54
Hay now i am getting.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vbet_global_bootstrap_init_start2() in /xxxxxx/forums/includes/class_bootstrap.php(103) : eval()'d code on line 3

07-12-10, 10:23
Please sent to me your admincp and FTP details by PM an I will fix it.

16-12-10, 09:45
No reply in this topic, so solved by (installation service has been ordered in this case)

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