View Full Version : vBET 3.2.0 released

21-11-09, 18:55
This version adds new features which was requested by users and corrects few bugs (mostly little noes and one bigger for links in translated RSS). Please see details below.

What's new:

Automatically detects in which language message is written (configurable with 4 different strategies)
During login checks does user have default language set and redirects to edit details page (configurable)
Allows to set used default language from Admin CP
Shows user default language in member info page
In registration page default language field can be shown as list or set of radio buttons with flags (configurable)
Added support for custom place for drop down menu

Corrected bugs:

Corrected issue with links in language= style when # included in link
Corrected issue for links translation for 2 bytes signs on not utf-8 forums
Corrected issue with getting back to forum default language (cookies clearing)
Links for translated RSS channels with vBSEO are working fine now

Changed templates:



Simpler integration with vBSEO (for new vBET 3.x installations)

21-11-09, 19:02
Thank you for the new version we set up it.I hope it will work without problem:)
Our site is a *** site.If this system works it will be a very good reference for you.I ll share my analytcs here.:)

21-11-09, 19:05
And this will be also great for forums which allows guests to write messages :)

Have fun! and we are glad you like it :)

28-11-09, 09:45
What's new:

Shows user default language in member info page

Where is this setting? Is there an option in admincp that we need to adjust? Is this shown by default? Because when going on member info page, I don't see the language used by the user.

28-11-09, 20:19
Forget about it, I found it. I did not see it was besides the online status. I was looking under one of the tabs, especially "My information".

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