View Full Version : Solved Redirect Killing My Ads!

29-11-10, 06:12
I trying to figure out a simple thing.

I have vbulletin v3.8.6 and vbseo 3.5.2 installed and vbadvanced v3.2.2 and I just added vbet 3.3.6 (great program by the way!)

Everything is working great on the front page, and also inner pages like showthread, etc.

But problem is the main page "index.php" -- I have it intergated with ads on the left and right using vbadvanced, but for some reason because of the redirects it does not grab it to intergate it, but it does on all the other pages.

Darn, I can't post examples or include my .htaccess file as I don't have more then 15 posts. -- Some support.

29-11-10, 06:25
This thread was the same answer problem as me:

"540-how-modify-rewrite-rules" -- post #2

Thanks for your search feature.

You can close this thread now. -- Problem Solved!

29-11-10, 09:45
thanks for confirmation. solved

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