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24-11-10, 19:06
The User Cp option to choose lang doesnt work not even here. i selected greek for example and it doesnt change, only by flag clicking it changes, i noticed that in my forum first so i tried here and its the same

25-11-10, 10:16

look at to the description of this option:

In which language you will be writing your posts. Forum will automatically translate your posts to others users languages. Also it will translate posts in other languages to your default language.
It means, you don't need to tag your posts with [ lang ] - forum will detect your language automatically, BUT there's an admin option, that may restrict this recognition in
AdminCP -> VBET -> Google -> Google Language Detectionyou'll find there a detailed desciption, how it works.

In AdminCP there's even an another option:

AdminCP -> VBET -> Misc -> Redirect to user language
that will automatically redirect you to your default browser's language. It doesn't work on our forum, because this option is disabled here.

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25-11-10, 22:43
I now test

25-11-10, 22:45
my settings here are in greek but i see english posts

26-11-10, 09:40
Yes, you do and you see them correctly - why? I've answered in my first reply :) Or maybe you're talking about something else...
You'll see Greek only in case, when AdminCP option is set to automatic redirecting or when you choose it manually from flags in the top.

26-11-10, 19:02
plz tell me exactly what i have to set maybe post a screenshot. i want user who chooses lang from usercp to redirect into that lang. i dont allow flags for reg users thanx

09-12-10, 08:33
AdminCP -> VBET -> Misc -> Redirect to user language
Thanks to this option you can redirect users to their browser's default language and this setting is INDEPENDENT from 'UserCP' setting, which is used for translation purposes (I've already described it in my first response)

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