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23-11-10, 17:09
I make daily backups of the database
I make regular mysqldump.
When I restore through command - mysql dbname <filetorestore.sql
Missing language translation tables
(Incidentally, no error message after reconstruction ended)

This is just a translation system tables created

How do you propose to solve this?

By the way my Systeme man also said he does not like the tables containing BLOB field (field should avoid to be - according to opinion)

25-11-10, 10:42

we use 3 cache tables for each language for reason to minimise usage of long text fields. Nevertheless, if texts are vast, we must store them in cache in that way, but these short ones are being stored in entirely indexed columns.

If we talk about your issue, we don't exactly understand, what you mean.. First time your write, that translation tables are missing, and another time - there is nothing being created BUT these tables. Could you describe it once again?
Anyway, whatever it is, I suggest to look at the backup file and check, if these not created elements are applied after backup or, accidentally, they're removed during backup process, but not created again, when it's done.

25-11-10, 20:05
I'll try to put myself back in points and explain hbaiaani create automated backup system, one that creates the backup is liomadrch: regular mysqldump as soon as I restore the backup, mysql: dbname <filetorestore.sql
מסיבה כלשהי הגיבוי ללא טבלאות שנוצרו עם Vbet

אני לא מקבל שגיאה ב phpMyAdmin

27-11-10, 14:00
This is not vBET issue because the backup and restore are made only by MySQL, not vBET.
Please try to repair your database tables by admincp->Maintenance->Repair / Optimize Tables maybe tables are not in backup because they are damaged. Please try it.

Secondly, please check your backup commands, maybe you have some limitations. Maybe you make a backup only for tables on InnoDB engine.
vBET use tables on myisam engine.

We can't give you a solution how to fix it because this is not vBET issue.


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