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21-11-09, 04:50
Could there be a way to allow us to sort the flags in the way we want them to appear in adminCP, I mean as an option?

21-11-09, 19:11
I think it is possible. Where it should be included - for all places where flags are displayed (drop-down menu, flags, registration form)?

21-11-09, 20:37
Yep, everywhere would be super. :)

21-11-09, 21:28
OK, it will be :)

26-01-10, 17:23
Where is this option in 3.3.1? This was asked in November so I guessed it was going to be included as you said.

27-01-10, 23:52
Hi. No it is not included yet. Sorry - we made 3.3.0 release faster that it was planned and 3.3.1 was only bug fixing release.

Until we include flags sorting in official release you can use this solution:
1. Open /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_lang.php
2. Find:

$vbet_SupportedTranslations = array ('af'=>'Afrikaans','sq'=>'Albanian','ar'=>'Arabic', 'be'=>'Belarusian','bg'=>'Bulgarian','ca'=>'Catalan','zh-CN'=>'Chinese','hr'=>'Croatian','cs'=>'Czech','da'=>'Danish','nl'=>'Dutch','en'=>'English','et'=>'Estonian','tl'=>'Filipino','fi'=>'Finnish','fr'=>'French','gl'=>'Galician','de'=>'German','el'=>'Greek','iw'=>'Hebrew','hi'=>'Hindi','hu'=>'Hungarian','is'=>'Icelandic','id'=>'Indonesian','ga'=>'Irish','it'=>'Italian','ja'=>'Japanese','ko'=>'Korean','lv'=>'Latvian','lt'=>'Lithuanian','mk'=>'Macedonian','ms'=>'Malay','mt'=>'Maltese','no'=>'Norwegian', 'fa' => 'Persian', 'pl'=>'Polish','pt'=>'Portuguese','ro'=>'Romanian','ru'=>'Russian','sr'=>'Serbian','sk'=>'Slovak','sl'=>'Slovenian','es'=>'Spanish','sw'=>'Swahili','sv'=>'Swedish','zh-TW'=>'Taiwanese','th'=>'Thai','tr'=>'Turkish','uk'=>'Ukrainian','vi'=>'Vietnamese','cy'=>'Welsh','yi'=>'Yiddish');

3. Change order of pairs.

Once again sorry that it wasn't included yet :)

28-01-10, 01:56
OH, I see. OK then. Anyhow, thanks for the temporary solution.

05-12-10, 17:54
I wonder about performance issues - sorting each time is not to efficient. When we have change to just change it in code. I understand that it is not to nice to change code, but it is much better for performance and it seems that not much users really needs to sort their flags by Admin CP.

I change its status again into "In consideration". If somebody else also needs to have it configurable please give your vote here. If it is really needed we will support it. If it is not needed for more users, we will stay on quick fix solution. Is it OK for you Cybershaolin?

14-12-10, 23:28
No reply and no other voices - so at this moment this request is considered rejected and supported only as simple code modification.

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