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17-11-10, 19:20
Hi there,

I´ve tried to install vbet and do the proper steps for an integration with vbseo, but - and may be my text editor or I´m just blind - but I can´t find any of those find/replace instances in the particular files

Note that all vBSEOTM options are configurable by Admin CP->vBSEO->Control Panel

1. (Required) Set option General Settings->Character Replacement->"Replace Non-English Characters in URLs?" to "Keep Non-English Characters in URLs"
Since vBETTM translates URLs for threads it is necessary do NOT replace not English characters in URLs.
2. (Required) Turn off option SEO Functions->Dynamic META TAGS->"Replace the 'META KEYWORDS' Content?"
3. (Required) Made changes in your .htaccess file according to description here
4. (Required) SEO links translation integration
1. Download from server file FORUM_ROOT/vbseo/includes/functions_vbseo_createurl.php
2. Open it in any text editor
3. Find:
$bloginfo['seotitle'] = vbseo_filter_replace_text($bloginfo['title']);
4. REPLACE it with this code:
$bloginfo['seotitle'] = vbet_vbseo_filter_replace_text($bloginfo['title']);
5. Find:
$vbseo_gcache_thread['seotitle'] = vbseo_filter_replace_text ($ttl);
6. REPLACE it with this code:
$vbseo_gcache_thread['seotitle'] = vbet_vbseo_filter_replace_text ($ttl);
7. Find:
$replace['%category_title%'] = vbseo_filter_text($c_ttl);
8. REPLACE it with this code:
$replace['%category_title%'] = vbet_vbseo_filter_text($c_ttl);
9. Find:
$replace['%section_title%'] = vbseo_filter_text($c_ttl);
10. REPLACE it with this code:
$replace['%section_title%'] = vbet_vbseo_filter_text($c_ttl);
11. Find:
$replace['%entry_title%'] = vbseo_filter_text($c_ttl);
12. REPLACE it with this code:
$replace['%entry_title%'] = vbet_vbseo_createCmsArticleLink($c_id, $c_ttl);
13. Save file and upload it to server, overwriting the old one.
5. (Required) SEO links translation integration - part 2
1. Download from server file FORUM_ROOT/vbseo/includes/functions_vbseo_url.php
2. Open it in any text editor and find:
$text = strtr($text, $trarr_table);
3. REPLACE it with this code:

if (false !== strpos($text, '[langtitle=')) {
$text = strtr($text, $GLOBALS['vbet_custom_char_replacement']);
if (vB_Template_Runtime::fetchStyleVar('charset') != 'utf-8') {
$text = preg_replace('/&#([0-9]+);/esiU', 'convert_int_to_utf8(\'\\1\')', $text);
} else {
$text = strtr($text, $trarr_table);

4. Find:
header ("Location: $fulluri");
5. PUT BEFORE it this code:

if (isset($_REQUEST['language'])) {
require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_url_tracking.php');
$fulluri = vbet_createURLForAddressNoReplace($_REQUEST['language'], $fulluri);

6. Save file and upload it to server, overwriting the old one.

May be this integration guide is written for a prior version of vbseo? I´m using vbseo 3.5.2 . Wth...:confused:

Any help appreciated.

17-11-10, 21:18
This is a instruction to vbseo 352 too.
Are you sure that you try edit good files?
should be: _createurl.php and _url.php from vbseo/inculdes/ folder.

Please make sure that when you copy a line (to find and replace in seo files) from our instruction you don't copy it with a space on the end.

22-11-10, 07:44
No reply for some time, so solved as for now

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