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17-11-10, 15:28
I'm using vB Version 4.0.8 + vBET423 (the default language is English, the encoding of the database). A problem:-If the user (for example Greek language response) quoted from the first theme and message is written to the database (post title) without tag-[/langtitle] Example pages send in PM (Setup Forum " a maximum of characters in the title of the message header/" = 250) messages in English, German languages are written to the database normally. How can I fix? thanks!

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18-11-10, 11:05
Hello :)

First of all:

Example pages sent to the PM
You mean private messages? We didn't receive anything.

Secondly, if we talk about marks, it's normal functionality of vBET - it's correctly converted and then displayed

Next, if I understood correctly - your problem is, that when you reply to the thread written in other language, then the thread's subject is in the language of the thread's initiator.
In any case, if somebody quotes a message with title in other language, then vBET uses the original language - it's quoted so it "wants" to be in original form :)
So, if anyone quotes in Russian and writes in Greek, then title won't be translated to Greek - it will stay in the original form.
Why there's no 'langtitle'? Because Russian is your forum's default language.

18-11-10, 12:00
Thank you! Sample pages description of the problem and sent you a PM.

18-11-10, 12:05
Hello :)
By the way, could you confirm, that you've configured your vbseo_url.php file correctly?
I'm not using vBSEO and file vbseo_url.php I have, I have vbseo_sitemap, where I set up a file vbseo_sitemap_functions.php according to the instructions on your forum ..

18-11-10, 14:11
That part about vbseo was not to you :D Wrong threads ;)
Just confirm, is it solved?

19-11-10, 06:48
Just confirm, is it solved?
I confirm ..

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