View Full Version : Already done secondary usergroups for users depend on mother language for each user

13-11-10, 17:32
i suggest make secondary usergroups depend on the language they prefer or native language

this will enable control different users that they use thier language to post
so we can make someforums not for specific language users
also to send e-mail or offers depend on the language when they belong to secondary group

seconday user group :
english users
arabic users
and so on

this is should depend on what they choose from the registeration as thier native language
and with ability to change it if he choose incorrect language for him
and then he will transfered to another secondary usergroup

i use vbet for one year before i stop it temporarly untill i finish upgrade to vb 4 with fixed all bugs
and there are already users from different countries and i want some specific control also depend on thier mother language

13-11-10, 18:20
could you tranfer this thread to vbet4 feature request

14-11-10, 13:52
The idea of usergroup is quite clever :) Not necessarily using secondary usergroup (on some forums it can already have special meaning) - just like group.

We already have feature request to allow showing notices depending on user default language. Usergroups could be solution (didn't check it but suppose that notice system includes possibility to define notice for group).

So as I understand you want vBET to create separate usergroup for each supported language. We will use some prefix, like vbet_ or lang_, or language_ - so all those usergroups will be together if shown in alphabetic order (most probably vbet_ - to avoid possible conflicts). Also vBET will automatically set this usergroup according to user default language. Is it right?

Right now - accepted :) Please confirm details of how it should work. Also - as I wrote we do not want to use secondary usergroup. Just apply another usergroup to user (there is no limitation of groups amount) - is this OK?

14-11-10, 15:48
if you understand the functions of |"secondary usergroup"
you will understand it will be next big step for vbet
secondary group can be deleted in any time and users belong to it will be kept on the primary group

also secondary group will give us alot of control on permission depend on it or just ignore it and get the permissions from the primary which will be the deafult registered user group or any additional primary usergroup

for example:
notice can be controled depend on the seconday group id
see or not see special forums for specific seconady group

there are alot and alot of examples on this
and so if we make seconady groups with the names of the languages and when user chose the mother language for him , he will be automaticly on this secondary group
user :john
choose :english as mother language
he will be in secondary usergroup which is : english
and he will get the permissions depend what i want to those english speakers

if the owner want to remove vbet he can keep those secondary usergroups if he want or remove it with the product
it will not affect the vbulletin at all just it is secondary usergroup and you can read and test it on vbulletin manual

plz we need it seconday usergroup not primary usergroup and you can read about it and test the secondary user group system in vbulletin

17-11-10, 00:13
I'm not sure are we talking about same thing or not. Do you as "Secondary usergroup" understand "Additional Usergroups" or not? If not - please point me how can I set in Admin CP this "Secondary usergroup" for chosen user.

17-11-10, 06:14
yes it is : Additional Usergroups

17-11-10, 21:53
So - no problem ;)

14-12-10, 23:33
Done and will be included in vBET 4.3.0 :) New role will be automatically created for each language. And it will be automatically managed to keep for user role appropriate to his chosen default language :)

09-01-11, 08:57
ok i just renew my vbe
i hope the new version include the Additional Usergroups so every language will make additional usergroup

18-04-11, 19:50
Done and will be included in vBET 4.3.0 :) New role will be automatically created for each language. And it will be automatically managed to keep for user role appropriate to his chosen default language :)
Will this mean that I could put myself in, say both the groups for English and Swedish, and then if a text is writen in either I will be able to read it untranslated by default? Or should I make a new feature request for that?

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