View Full Version : Solved How do I set an option without BBcode?

10-11-10, 22:33
There you can write a message select "Do not add language BBCodes" how to fix it, because I didn't find the place to set this http://p2pic.com/images/bbcode.jpg

11-11-10, 09:25
Hello dacho.
This option is available when the user has language set in his profile and the language is different from the original language of your forum.
You forum is in Hebrew and you have in your profile set - Hebrew.

11-11-10, 15:08
I understand .... The problem is that when a standard user, and not especially sophisticated, who understand that BBcode, want to write a sentence that consists of both Hebrew and some English words, it translates all begin to explain to users: Go to edit mark the word and cancel her the BBcode is more complicated So is there an easy way to or better than resolve it?

12-11-10, 11:01
Here you have a article about multi languages message:

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