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07-11-10, 20:19
Translation of the name of my system, where it translates the name of my system this writing Forums Powered by vBulletinForum-Powered by vBulletin Communities and something in the same interest, may be it is from sibaaospti to <title> The name DACHO (in Hebrew) and it is the translator me for vBulletin is there a way to determine the system translates the words like you are certain that automatic translator תרוגם Vbet?

09-11-10, 16:06
Can anyone help please

09-11-10, 17:09
Hello Dacho,
I do not understand exactly.You write about <title> tag on your site or not?

09-11-10, 21:27
Hi kamil
I talked about three things and I guess it's a problem that Google is creating ...
The first is - the name of my system (Forum Name and Homepage Name) after translation in Vbet has become :
Forums Powered by vBulletin
Forum Communities - Powered by vBulletin.
Without Vbet translated the name in Hebrew it "פורום דצ'ו" = "forum dacho"

The second is - the TAG <Title> translated page with Vbet also become "Powered by vBulletin"
Without Vbet translated (in Hebrew the title it "FORUM DACHO")

I believe it is the same problem, only how I handle it?

The third was - Is there a way to determine to Vbet that certain words will be translated in some way to determine whose concerns that Vbet translated the word "translator"
Because that is where my system DACHO Hebrew translation does not qualify for Google, this word is not simply just an expression that can be translated, funny thing is that even if I go to Google Translate (http://translate.google.com) and writes "דצ'ו" (it's DACHO in Hebrew) Google translates it to Powered by vBulletin

In short I think that everything is there
So if there is a way to set words in Vbet receive translations that I choose the proper translation for me?
Because Google translates the Forum dacho (פורום דצ'ו) to Forum Powered by vBulletin

10-11-10, 10:14
I also checked your forum name and etc. in google translator and I have the same results like you.
So this is not vBET issue. You can add your forum title page into
Not translated Area and this field will be not translated.
To do this:

1. Go to admincp -> styles & templates.

2. Find the text you are interested in.

3. put your title text between: <!--vBET_SNTA--> and <!--vBET_ENTA-->
(this is not translated area)

please notice that when google don't have the word in his dictionary - this word will stay with orginal form.

10-11-10, 10:29
thanks Kamil
but like that the word "dacho" Stay in Hebrew Characters (like that "דצ'ו")

10-11-10, 10:37
so put your title text between: <!--vBET_SNTA--> and <!--vBET_ENTA-->

no problem. Thank you.

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