View Full Version : Solved White pages when moderating.

03-11-10, 12:25
OK, I just found something out. I am not 100% sure, but maybe you guys can test it.

I had 3 of my Moderators complain about moving posts and getting white pages. Part of it was fixed with Kamil's fix on my previous thread. But on normal non translated pages they continued getting white pages. The only thing these 3 Moderators had in common was the fact that their Default Language was not set. After I set it, they had no more white pages.

03-11-10, 15:01
Thanks for this info. I will test it :)

18-11-10, 16:10
Are you sure you write about Moderators? As I tried, I've been still redirected to UserCP as Moderator/SuperModerator till I set a default language

Edit: No answer. Solved for now.
Reason: can't reproduce the issue due to requirement of setting default language by any user.

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