View Full Version : Solved White pages on login and moving posts.

02-11-10, 13:49
OK, I just had my Co-Admin clear all cache and cookies, and test this. After logging in, he got a white page. Had to refresh.

When he wants to move any posts or threads, after asking for his password, and hitting enter, he gets a white page.

02-11-10, 14:10
I was on your forum and I logged in but I hadn't the white site (by Opera and Firefox) can you explain it?

02-11-10, 14:21
It also does not happen with me. Seems to only happen with some of my Moderators. But when VBET was uninstalled it did not happen.

02-11-10, 14:25
hmm May be yours moderators should clear their cookies?

02-11-10, 14:35
LOL, that is the first thing I always have them do. That and clearing cache. It is not that Kamil. It must have something to do with logging in. Because it seems to happen on anything that requires logging in. Like moving posts. The first post you need to log in again to verify. There they get a white page. Then after that, moving posts again, and not having to log in again, the white page does not happen.

So it must be something with logging in.

02-11-10, 14:44
ok Taurus, you cleared your cookies but what about yours moderators? Did they clear all cookies?

02-11-10, 14:49
I quote:

LOL, that is the first thing I always have them do. That and clearing cache.

Yes they did.

02-11-10, 14:57
hmm Sorry Taurus but this is very difficult to fix it by me because I can't reproduce this issue (you cant do it too) so please check it when vBET is disabled. please disable vBET now.
I will ask MichaƂ about that, may be he can reproduce it.

02-11-10, 15:02
Give me a moment please Kamil. I am trying something with these Moderators. I will report back in a few minutes.

02-11-10, 15:19
Sorry Kamil. I have to run out for sometime now. I will report back on this later again. Thanks for your help thus far.

02-11-10, 15:20
ahh sorry for that.
I can reproduce it on my test forum when I try to log in from translated page.
So I will fix it on my test forum. now I am working on solution.

Please ask your moderators what will happen when they try to log in from normal page and what will happen when they try to log in from translated page.

03-11-10, 00:24
From normal page it does not happen. Sorry, I also did not realize it only happens from translated pages. But I am happy that we are moving into the right direction. Let me know when you found a solution.

Thank you!

03-11-10, 10:10
ok I found it. Call to undefined function.

Quick solution for you:
1. open, make a copy and edit this file: forums/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_hooks.php
2. Find:

3. Paste BEFORE that:

require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_lang.php');
4. save and upload file.

Please test it and confirm. If this will fix your issue - I will move this thread to Bug section.
Confirm it because I tested this issue on my test forum with newest file (with another function).
If this still not work - please reproduce this issue on your forum, look into your forum log files with errors and find Call to undefined function error from today (and paste this message here) Thanks

For vB4 - fixed and will be included in the next relase.

03-11-10, 10:30
Sorry Kamil. But what should I find? at nr 2 you say Find: and then EDITED???

03-11-10, 10:37
Please look now in to my previous post.

03-11-10, 11:12
OK, just tested it. And it is working great now man!! No more white pages!

You da man!!

Thank you very very much Kamil.

03-11-10, 11:29
Thanks for your confirmation. Will be included in to the next relase.

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