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30-10-10, 16:26
There are some expressions Vbet translation with no I attach screenshots will be easier to figure out what and where they belong attached images http://p2pic.com/images/phrases1.jpghttp://p2pic.com/images/phrases2.jpghttp://p2pic.com/images/phrases3.jpghttp://p2pic.com/images/phrases4.jpg from "response" and "rapid response the problem exists also in submitting a new topic.

01-11-10, 16:49
Thanks for info, we will investigate this.

Also please note that at this moment vBET do not support translation of button name. It is because BET translates only text between tags, no attributes values.

vBET has configuration parameter which allows to translate alt for img tags. Probably we will add also possibility to translate title attribute from links. With button made as input field with type submit or reset it is harder, because there is used attribute attribute value and such attribute is used also for other cases which cannot be translated (like for data from form). So translation here would require complex regular expression which we want to avoid because of performance.

We will check all places which you pointed and check which is a bug and which is just not supported in this version. As I see first pointed place should be translated since it is just a text. We will check it :)

01-11-10, 16:54
As you can see the pictures, the system translates the buttons, only there are some that are not translated, so it could be that the problem is localized

01-11-10, 17:14
As I explained vBET do not translates buttons made by input HTML tag. This is not supported in this version. On pictures you cannot see that button is translated. You can see it only in HTML output. Because on picture you do not see is it button HTML tag, which has its description as text and which will be translated; or is is input HTML tag with submit or reset type which will not be translated, because it is not supported now; or it is not a button at all, just some area with different background and link inside (what is used a lot in vB4 everywhere where forms are not used). You can check it yourself looking into HTML output, but you cannot tell it looking on pictures.

So just as I wrote before - we will check it and tell you where it is a bug and where it is just not supported now.

02-11-10, 10:31
1. button in Topic View Options - not translated because as Michał wrote in his previous post - the name of this button is a value.
for example - from your site source:

<input type="submit" class="button" value="הראה נושאים" />

2.Why quick navigation is translated? look into code from your site source:

<span class="shade">Quick Navigation</span>
<a href="/vb407/en/forumdisplay.php?1-Main-category" class="popupctrl"><span class="ctrlcontainer">Main Category</span></a>
<a href="/vb407/en/forumdisplay.php?1-Category-g%C5%82%C3%B3wna#top" class="textcontrol" onclick="document.location.hash='top';return false;">Top</a>

as you see, the name of button is between
<span class="ctrlcontainer">Main Category</span> tags - not a value - so this is translated.

3. Reply, Management Tool, Main Forum, Top - translated. why? just look to the second point.

4. Post Quick reply and Go Advanced -> name of the button as value - not translated


What about Go to last post? this shuld be a button (like on page without translation) but here you have only a text.
This text (לך להודעה האחרונה) is here: (from your sorce)

<img src="http://testing.dacho.co.il/vb407/images/buttons/lastpost-left.png" alt="לך להודעה האחרונה" />
and this is a "alt" value and translation of alt value is supported by vBET. to enable it just go to your admincp->vBET->Misc->Translate 'alt' attributes and set to "yes".

But there should be an image. As you see here: (from your site source)

<img src="http://testing.dacho.co.il/vb407/images/buttons/lastpost-left.png" alt="לך להודעה האחרונה" /> the root to the image is correct. So go to this folder: images/buttons/ and try to find this image: lastpost-left.png.

02-11-10, 10:37
File lastpost-left.png exists in a server anyway What do you mean I hope your upgrade Meg below these parts work

02-11-10, 10:42
sorry, after translation should be this one:
lastpost-right.png so try to find this one :)

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