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30-10-10, 16:03
I have added a Facebook like button to my site.

It works just fine except when i like a translated page.

The url that displays on my Facebook profile is always the url for the english page (forum default language)

How can i make the button work for translated pages.

Here is the mod details, Facebook "like" Button for Vbulletin - vBulletin SEO Forums (http://www.vbseo.com/f2/facebook-like-button-vbulletin-42695/index2.html#post266022)

01-11-10, 17:20
What I see there is iframe not a button. Please describe exactly how it works, how it is presented on your forum (give URL where we can see it on your forum and tell which one is it).

01-11-10, 17:23
lol, the iframe loads the like button, where have you been in 2010, you dont know what a facebook like button is?

Anyway, what no add it on you test site or on vbet, it takes 2 seconds and many of your users are using it.

01-11-10, 17:52
Please note that my time spend in 2010 year is my personal thing. If you expect support I suggest to answer questions instead of writing sentences which gives nothing for the issue and could be treated as offensive. We are not interested in what in your opinion should be known by every people on the world (for this please use Members Area – you have there Off Topic sub forum), but in helping you. And for that we need your answers.

Please note that we do not install every single mod which is used by every of our customers. Please answer given questions so we will be able to analyze the issue and help you :)

01-11-10, 18:01
Please describe exactly how it works

The code i linked to, adds a facebook like button to the vbulletin forum pages, when you click it it shows you liked the vb page and it also shows on your facebook profile.

It works just fine except when i like a translated page.

The url that displays on my Facebook profile is always the url for the english page (forum default language)

02-11-10, 13:17
give URL where we can see it on your forum and tell which one is it

I will allow me to see it and better understand. Also see links, what changes, what not during translation, etc. Now I'm not able to determine what exactly happens. Please give asked data :)

02-11-10, 13:19
Computer Juice - Forums - Free PC Help, IT Support and Repairs (http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/)

You need to be a member and sign in.

02-11-10, 13:22
Please PM me access details for any test account which will allow me to see it (we do not create fake accounts on your clients forum). I'm on forum right now so I will be able to check it fast :)

02-11-10, 13:48
OK so I'm there. But you still didn't wrote what should I looking for...

Once again please tell "which one is it" - which button we are talking about? What should I looking for no your forum? Give me some text, or describe image... I see now button for donate and for searching...

02-11-10, 13:57
The facebook like button in the middle of the screen.


02-11-10, 14:55
I see nothing like that... Maybe it generates something else according to user country. In the middle (between Google search and button for donation) I see some image with text "I like this" in Polish. Please tell is it this or something else. If something else - please give me screen shot of full forum and point where it is. I do not see thung up image...

02-11-10, 14:57
Yes, that is a facebook like button.

When you click it it likes the forum page on your facebook profile.

Except it always likes the english version not the translated URL.

02-11-10, 15:10
As I see facebook reacts on browser language settings - I see it in Polish. Also after clicking I see login form in Polish. So do you really need any integration here?...

If you want to put there language value then first please check what is name of attribute for language code used in Facebook. Also find are they using same language codes. If yes, then simply in template where you added iframe change iframe src attribute value and add there language code. The value is stored by vBET in $_REQUEST['language'] - on template please use $_REQUEST[language].

Also please note that content of iframe is not treated as part of your page by Google robots. For robots each iframe is separate page - each can be separately indexed. So indexing your page robots do not take into consideration content of iframe - it is treated as link.

Please tell did it help.

02-11-10, 15:27
You do not understand. Do you have a facebook account? No idea what this has to do with robots.txt and Google. It is a facebook like button, than when pressed shows you like the website on your facebook page, so your friends then click it and you get traffic from facebook.

Let me explain better;

I click the like button for spanish (es)


In my facebook the link is for the english version (en)


04-11-10, 19:31
Yes - I did not understood. Everything I saw was Facebook login page which was already in Polish and I thought that you mean this translation. As I see you want Facebook to see link to your translated pages. Please give me a moment I will look again on this included iframe.

04-11-10, 19:49
OK so - you must change this code (from vBSEO thread):

$facebook_liked_url = $_SERVER['VBSEO_URI'];
to this one (NOT TESTED):

require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_url_tracking.php');
$facebook_liked_url = $_REQUEST['language'] ? vbet_createURLForAddressNoChecks($_REQUEST['language'], $_SERVER['VBSEO_URI']) : $_SERVER['VBSEO_URI'];

Please tell did it help :)

14-02-11, 22:52
I made that change, but when i like a transted url it show on my facebook page as:

Dave likes http://www.facebook.com/forums/da/ on facebook.com.

This is totally wrong.


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