View Full Version : Solved CMS page reverted to vb default skin.

29-10-10, 15:38
After completely uninstalling and reverting everything, my CMS (homepage) just takes the vbulletin default skin. When I go to my forum page it goes to my default skin again. Please advise.

29-10-10, 19:17
If you completely removed vBET, then vBET have nothing common with your issue. vBET can influence your forum only when it is installed.

Please check your configuration and make sure that you really have chosen your skin, and if found nothing then ask vBulletin team why you have other skin than configured.

This thread gets status solved, because it is not vBET issue so issue with vBET is solved - you have not issue with vBET, this is something else.

30-10-10, 01:48
Well, why when I have VBET installed the skin is normal again. But as soon as VBET is uninstalled it reverts to the vbulletin default skin?

I have twice installed VBET back to check this!

EDIT: OK, I managed to fix this. For some reason when VBET is uninstalled, it throws the CMS pages settings out. I just changed it, and everything is back to normal again. So, you can delete this thread. Sorry about it.

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