View Full Version : Already done Set default language by default for users who did not do it yet

17-11-09, 04:28
As mentionned in post #16 here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-testing-messages/102-test-text-written-french-2.html

Maybe, another option to make sure users have set a default language, could there be an option that would detect if a user has done it when he logs in on the forum? If default language is detected having been set, user would continue the log in process as usual but if it's detecting it as he did not, there would be a message requesting the user to go in their profile (bringing him there automatically) and asking him to select one default language before he can go anywhere else on the forum.

This would make sure all messages would be translated (including BBCodes) on the forum because all users would have selected their default language. :)

This would really be a great addon. :)

17-11-09, 13:21
Great idea :) Accepted.

18-11-09, 05:16
Great, I'm happy that you like my suggestion. In fact, with this implemented, this will avoid you answering many questions about "why nothing is translated" or "it does not work" a little bit like some of my own questions in the past. :D

Is this gonna be implemented in the next version? 3.1.3? I see you are already running 3.1.3 here but it's not proposed in the download area yet.

19-11-09, 23:58
DONE - after login user without default language set is redirected to edit profile page, where he see appropriate message enhancing him to set it. It is configurable (enabled/disabled). Will be included in vBET 3.1.3

20-11-09, 02:29
Wow, can't wait to get 3.1.3! lol Thanks a lot!

20-11-09, 11:48
We are planning to put into 3.1.3 feature of automatic language recognition. After that we will be ready to release. Of course plans can be changed if some another brilliant idea come from our customers. We prefer flexibility as key to really good product :)

21-11-09, 06:25
I understand. It's only that I'm waiting to introduce your hack officially on my own site and the requests I have made would really help me to avoid some confusion about defaut language, etc. I would really need this implemented ASAP. Is it possible for you to make 3.1.3 available and implement automatic language recognition in a future release? This feature is kind of major, shouldn't it be included in a major upgraded like 3.2 or something like that?

Anyhow, it costs nothing to ask, but i would really appreciated to get 3.1.3 as soon as possible, please.

21-11-09, 15:41
This is also very tasty I think the best way, I hope I got the license would be beneficial.

21-11-09, 19:07
This feature is kind of major, shouldn't it be included in a major upgraded like 3.2 or something like that?

You are absolutely right :)

04-12-09, 04:30
OK the implementation of this was done but: Registration for new users are OK but when a user is a forum member since a long time, there is a problem with it:

It works well in a way that when logging in, a user who did not set his default language yet is automatically redirected in the settings where he can set its language. The problem is even if he does not change anything (meaning not changing its language) the information is saved like this and the user will still not have its language set! So, there should be a message telling the user that he must set his language after he saves the information, if he did not set it. So, what I mean is that it should force the user to set the language. Got my point?

04-12-09, 13:14
Right now it redirects only just after login. So is someone skip setting value he will be redirected again after next login.

You want to redirect user over and over again until he set the language. So until he made it whole forum is blocked for him. Did I got your point?

05-12-09, 02:19
Yes, but instead of just the redirection, I wish that an error message (popup or whatever way) could be added if the user does not set his language if he tried to get away from that page. So, for sure he would clearly see that he must set this on in order to continue.

10-12-09, 21:31
The message is added right now under the form in red letters - check it. "Brutal forcing" to set language will be added.

11-12-09, 03:16
I know for the red message, but users can still avoid this if they don't set their language. If brutal forcing is added, this is fine too. Thanks for adding it.

11-12-09, 04:45
Would it be possible to get a quick fix for the actual version as well or for this one it's too complicated?

11-12-09, 05:16
This one have to be configurable, so there is too many changes to give simple instructions.

11-12-09, 05:43
OK, I see. No problem. Tell me, do you plan to release 3.3.0 before Christmas?

11-12-09, 23:31
No. We have planned still lot of changes for 3.3.0 including file cache and feature requests from users so it will not be ready till Christmas. Most probably we will release 3.3.0 in January but cannot give you specific day.

After 3.3.0 we will start working on 4.0.0 which will be integrated with vBulletin 4 :)

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