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29-10-10, 00:55
Hi, I have a problem with vBulletin 3.6 and 3.8. He wants to add a column to the left of my template, I found the template variable $ homapage side ['nazwaTemplate'] so I created a new template and I added homepage_proba to the home page $ side ['attempt'] but it does not give anything. I will only add to the already added several templates for the name homepage_ex and induces them when they can see it and unfortunately not new. Whether cache can be wine? If so, please delete the cache information? Please help decipher the problem.

29-10-10, 08:26
Please write here whitch version of vBET do you have?
please paste here an url to your site :)

01-11-10, 12:05
The index file, you must add two entries:)

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