View Full Version : To explain Uninstallation.

28-10-10, 20:42
Can you please give me step by step instructions on uninstallation. Also, is there a way to get rid of the language codes that will be left in the posts after uninstallation?

Thank you.

29-10-10, 10:00
To uninstall vBET:
1. You must edit your vbseo files to the orginal version
just upload two files from your vBSEO package
forum/vbseo/includes/functions_vbseo_createurl.php and

2. edit you .htaccess file. just delete all vBET rules
3. disable vBET in Plugin & Products System

to delete a [lang] tags added by hand - you should delete it by hand or..
you can try to use some MySql query by your phpmyadmin to edit this texts with [lang] inside.

29-10-10, 11:42
Thank you. I have thousands of posts with language tags in, so doing it by hand is out of the question. Can you please give me the MySQL query I need to run?

29-10-10, 12:17
hmm I never did it.
here you have a mysql query to "take" all posts with [lang=] tag:
-- SELECT pagetext FROM `post` WHERE pagetext LIKE '%[lang=%'
How to delete this lang? I don't want to damage your posts,

29-10-10, 12:46
so, you have a query to take all posts with lang inside and if you want - you can edit it by hand.
if you edit it by hand you still will be have posts in other language than english.
(without information about language)

we can't do it for you automatically because Google don't agree to cache translation results for too long .It is prohibited to hold their translations in the database longer than 15 days.
So if you want to have a posts in english - you should translate it "by hand"

29-10-10, 13:00
I understand this. All I want is to get rid of the lang tags. It is OK if the languages are the original posted language.

29-10-10, 13:03
I dont have any php script which you can use on your server to delete this tags so you should do it by hand. sorry

29-10-10, 13:12
Kamil, how can I do it by hand man? It is thousands of posts!! Is it possible to find out please?

29-10-10, 19:28
If you really have thousands of posts written in different languages, then I advise to wait for at least few days and wait for reaction of your users on fact that now they must write in one language.

Anyway - removing vBET bbcodes will require php script. We will prepare such. Please wait few days for it (now it is weekend and then holiday). As it is not something urgent hope that little delay it is acceptable here for you :)

Kamil - please prepare such php script and PM to Taurus. Also add it into vBET package into tools directory.

Taurus - for safety before using the script please:
1. close your forum
2. make full DB backup

After using it:
1. check some thread you know is with vBET bbcodes
2. open your forum again if everything wen well or restore DB from backup and contact us if not.

Kamil - please include instruction usage in the script as comment.

07-11-10, 16:38
I am still waiting for this script. Any update please!?

08-11-10, 10:13
Hello Taurus
You wrote to me PM last week ago, that you will be still use vBET so I
I moved the task for later. Do you need it still?

08-11-10, 10:15
Unfortunately I do Kamil. I am just having to many problems with this. Please let me know when you will be able to do it. Thank you very much!

08-11-10, 13:30
ok, so I make this thread "to explain" again

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