View Full Version : Solved Anyone know why all my English pages are messed up but the translations work ?

26-10-10, 20:07
I had to upgrade to Vbseo 3.5 and the latest vbet now my English pages are all messed up but the translations work just fine ? It looks like it may have to do with css or something I am at a loss.

26-10-10, 21:00
Also when you go to site.com/forum/ the page is blank but I have this in my htaccess

redirect 301 webscutest.com/forum/index.php webscutest.com/forum/
redirect 301 webscutest.com/forum webscutest.com/forum/
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.webscutest\.com
RewriteRule (.*) http://www.webscutest.com/forum/$1 [L,R=301]

So users are having a hard time finding the forum

26-10-10, 21:46
I had to upgrade to Vbseo 3.5 and the latest vbet now my English pages are all messed up but the translations work just fine ? It looks like it may have to do with css or something I am at a loss.

I wrote about that in another your thread. If you disable a vBSEO you will have a normal, good style. try it.
So this is a vBSEO issue. Just write about that to vBSEO support.

26-10-10, 21:52
Yes I know but they do not answer and I thought someone here would of seen this problem

26-10-10, 21:55
do you use some cache? but not vBET cache - from different mod? maybe vB cache? if yes - try to clear it.
As I see your main forum site is working now.

26-10-10, 22:03
right but the none of the english pages work once you click on a post to read

27-10-10, 01:45

As I see on your forum all text in threads is made in white color on white background. This is same for translated and not translated pages. This is under Opera. When I'm looking under Firefox it is OK for translated page and wrong for not translated (again text is in white color).
As I see using Firebug under Firefox for not translated pages you have much less CSS styles included. I suppose that some CSS file is not used then at all.

Kamil - please check URL's for CSS files on that page. This is all about styles. Whole content is in the output.

Also - first of all - was it checked does it is vBET issue? Does the issue appears also when vBET is completely disabled (I mean disabled in Admin CP, .htaccess and vBSEO files)?

27-10-10, 01:49
I think this is the cause of issue:

<base href="../http://www.webscutest.com/forum/" />

As you see there is wrong path in base.

And this is for translated page:

<base href="http://www.webscutest.com/forum/" />
<base href="/forum/pl/../http://www.webscutest.com/forum/" />

That is why it is working on some broewsers and on some not (some take first base, some last).

27-10-10, 01:53
any idea how to fix ? where do you see that ?

27-10-10, 01:57
You can find it in your page source.

Please tell what is EXACT value of vBulletin parameter Forum URL on your forum.
Kamil - if the value will be alright please look for solution on client serwer - knowing the cause it should be fast to solve (first find out does it is vBET issue at all).
I have 3 at night right now so sorry, but Kamil will work on this more on the morning :)

27-10-10, 02:00
This is from the vb adminpanel

Forum URL
URL of your forum.
Note: do not add a trailing slash. ('/')

27-10-10, 02:18
vBulletin changed your URL and opaqued it. Please give it again inside of CODE bbcode - so we will know the EXACT value of this parameter on your forum.

27-10-10, 02:20
I added the extra : in the url


27-10-10, 02:29
I do not know why make it harder... I corrected it - I must confirm to be sure now - please look in your previous post and confirm does it is EXACT value?

If yes then it is alright - in this case please check does it is vBET fault at all - disable vBET completely:
1. Disable it in admin CP
2. Comment vBET rules in .haccess
3. Copy actual 2 changed vBSEO files and override it by original from vBSEO package.

If issue still exists after disabling, then it is not vBET fault and we cannot help you with issue which is not caused by vBET.

If issue disappears after disabling, then please undo the changes and give Kamil info about it - he will check and solve it on place.

27-10-10, 08:05
I made all steps from MichaƂ post (previous post) and the issue is still there (even when vBET is disable).
As I wrote before - this is nor vBET issue, probably vBSEO. Just write to vBSEO support.
from our side that's all. Solved

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