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25-10-10, 10:59
There are several problems with style when you change language:
My system works based on Hebrew language (right to left),
when I change to one of the Vbet translation languages (to language with : left to right), the design goes wrong no matter proper directions:
(Screenshots with explanations - the Screenshots with the original design of the VB)
you have to know that if I change the language to English by vb system, there is now problem with the style or directions (so don't tell me that it a float problem.Because I don't change the CSS from StyleVar

forum home problem : Header - navbar - forum list
Default Language Design (in Hebrew)

After Vbet English translation
Please note there is a problem with changing directions in HEADER and NAVBAR .... And the list of forums

forumdisplay problem : Button - thread page stats - Forum Tools - thread list
Default Language Design (in Hebrew)

After Vbet English translation
Please note there is a problem with changing directions in Buttons
thread page stats
Forum Tools
thread list


ShowThread problem : still Button - footer - And there is no translation for the phrases of Button in Quick Reply and allso in Advanced Repply
Default Language Design (in Hebrew)

After Vbet English translation
Please note there is a problem with changing directions in Buttons
translation for the phrases of Button in Quick Reply and allso in Advanced Repply


25-10-10, 11:12
Another thing
I want to turn off the centering flags and arrange them in my design, where the design of flags.
I'm not talking about the location of the flags I'm talking about it if they were at the center or left or right, and what will be the width of their DIV

25-10-10, 11:39
Hello dacho,
I need an access to your FTP please.

about flag style (from your site source)

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="images/vbet/flags/vbet.css"/>

25-10-10, 12:01
I tested it on my vB4 test forum and - have the same results as you (on the vB deafult style) so this is a bug.
I will move this thread to bug reporting.

Now we will be working on our test FTP and site so now I dont need access to your forum

It will be fixed, thanks :)

26-10-10, 15:17
Hello dacho,

We are still working on it. I noticed that vBET function good read the direction of the forum (rtl) and replaces it correctly. I made a many logs of that.

I noticed that one from our changed $stylevar is not in use. Maybe vB use it (with old value - right) before our replacement.
I tried to find another hook but without success. I will try to find it again.

We are still working. Thanks for you patience.

27-10-10, 08:00
Thanks for your post, I'm still waiting
Remember that the problems I mentioned are not only directions

There are phrases that are not translated with Vbet
I have attached screen shots look more

27-10-10, 18:49
I'm going to help Kamil with this issue and check it now on out test server. I will handle text directions first, then see other issue which you are writing about. I will keep you informed about results ant progress. Sorry it is still not resolved - we have little issue with this issue ;)

27-10-10, 20:22
OK so - I think I know the reason. It is because vBulletin not only uses variables for directions, but for unknown reason also uses for same thing constant LANGUAGE_DIRECTION.

Right now I'm working on code changes for this. Please be patience :)

27-10-10, 22:59
I made lot of investigation and try to solve issue on many ways. At this moment I send official query to vBulletin team (Forum Changing text direction in plugin - PROBLEM... (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?365637-Changing-text-direction-in-plugin-PROBLEM...&p=2064500#post2064500)) and still will work on this... Especially I will check css.php file as possible source of issue. At this moment we have late hours in our country so I will continue working on this later.

29-10-10, 18:16

I have quick fix for you. Please note that on our side was made more changes, but shouldn't be necessary for quick fix. Please confirm did it help with style issue.

Quick fix:
1. Open file /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_url_tracking.php
2. Find:

if (false !== strpos($address, 'css.php') || false !== strpos($address, '.css') || 0 === strpos($address, 'javascript:') || $address == '#' || vbet_isURLIgnored($address)) {
3. Put BEFORE it:

if (false !== strpos($address, 'css.php')) {
return vbet_createURLForAddressNoReplaceOld($language, $address) ;

Also - for other issues please open new threads. Please keep one thread per one issue. This will allow us to easily manage the issues. This thread have status solved as title issue is solved. Solution will be included in next release.

30-10-10, 15:47
Thanks, looks fine at first. I will update if there are further problems in that context

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