View Full Version : Already proposed Email Translation urgently needed

22-10-10, 21:12

I run a German forum and only use English as language for auto translation.

However every English person that tries to register has a huge problem when they receive the German activation email.

This is a very important feature for a multi language forum that is missing!

I hope you really focus to working on solving that problem



22-10-10, 21:20

We are aware about that and thanks for keeping our attention on what is important for our customers :)

It was already proposed and accepted. I can assure you that we will work on it. Do not have deadline for it now. We are hiring another person - vBET gets bigger and better. So after we finish recruit process we will focus on new features for vBET :)

05-12-10, 19:18
Any news on this? Is it possible that they will send the mail, registered user language translation?

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