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16-10-10, 19:05
I have realised somebody wrote in sweden text it's translation seem in english good. see:
Web 2.0 casters with high quality (http://www.webmastersite.ws/services/30078-web-2-0-casters-with-high-quality-post31968.html#post31968)

But the text in turkish langauge the chracters seems damaged. At YÃ ¼ ksek Buck Web 2.0 Ile tekerlekler (http://www.webmastersite.ws/tr/services/30078-web-2-0-casters-with-high-quality-post31968.html)
for example: ü is à ¼ in the title and Ş is shown as "Åž" IT's open that the translation does not use turkish chars properly.

How can i fix it? Do i need to UTF-8 my forum. Will it help to cover this kind problems.


17-10-10, 10:02
I think you are using some tool which strips HTML comments and that is the reason of this issue. Please note that vBET marks already translated and encoded text by HTML comments - so it will not be reencoded again. In your case it looks like it is (other parts of page are fine). So please make sure you are not using any tool which strips HTML comments, or if you feel that you must - do it after translation (so in/after global_complete with execution order more than 1000).

17-10-10, 10:27
What do you mean with other tool. I use only itrader, vbseo as a plugin and vboptimize.

17-10-10, 10:52
So some of those is responsible. As I remember vbseo has option which allows to strip HTML comments - please check it and disable :)

I also added to our TODO list new feature - so in next version vBET will have option to strip HTML codes, which will be safe (done after whole translation) :)

17-10-10, 11:12
thanks but that option was already turned off in vbseo. I also realised i added an extra "User Profile Fields" like a question where you live which is than has the similar char problem. I removed it.
I tested i created turkish topic with turkish language chosed member. It's english translation looks ok. But the german and other langauge translations has some bad chars and same problem. Doing utf-8'n the forum will help?

17-10-10, 20:24
Please note that vBET completely supports forums in not UTF-8. So going to UTF-8 is not necessary here.

If you do not see which tool could remove HTML comments, then please send access details in PM to Kamil (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/members/kamilkurczak.html) - he will investigate it tomorrow. It is possible that something else is the reason of this issue, or some other mod removes HTML comments. Please send him also link to this issue so he will know what it is about.

Also please check do you have original or modified template vbenterprisetranslator_inpost_translate – if modified, then this also can be the reason (we include there appropriate HTML comments for vBET).

18-10-10, 06:30
thanks michal support is great. I pmed him.

18-10-10, 08:56
I was on your forum. I found conflict with this mod: vB4: SuperCharged
in this plugin: HTML Optimiser. I changed a Execution Order and now translation is working good.
I dont know how this mod works (vB4: SuperCharged) so I don't know it is work good. Can you check it?

18-10-10, 10:38
Oh my god. I never thought it could be a problem. Yes it works now. Spercharged is a simple css and javascript optimizer to fasten the forum alittle bit.

18-10-10, 13:52
no problem :)
thanks for your confirmation - solved :)

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