View Full Version : Accepted Title tags at similar threads not translated

11-10-10, 15:32
I noticed the similar threads translated but his title="" tag is not.:D Hope you fix it at next version.

11-10-10, 17:35
Can you give exact URL where we can see it :)

11-10-10, 18:03
For example Software recommendation (http://www.webmastersite.ws/de/ask-webmaster/25536-software-empfehlung.html) When you dropdown and onmouseover the similar threads the title stay english.

11-10-10, 18:34
You mean this tag: title="Webmaster Forums RSS Feed"?

11-10-10, 18:40
YES ALL OF THEM. Not only this when you move your mouse over similar threads 5 link at the bottom you get no translation.
Entfernen von Software kann durcheinander anderer Software? (http://www.webmastersite.ws/de/ask-webmaster/26665-entfernen-von-software-kann-durcheinander-anderer-software.html) please go over this line atthe bottom you come on the link with mouse you'll see the text still in english.

title="Webmaster Forums RSS Feed"?

<a href="http://www.webmastersite.ws/de/ask-webmaster/26665-entfernen-von-software-kann-durcheinander-anderer-software.html" title="I am having problems streaming with Windows Media Player, since I upgraded from V. 9 to 10, I was wondering if it would fix thigs if I deleted all traces of the other WMP then re-downloaded? It's like I can download video or see files I am working...">Entfernen von Software kann durcheinander anderer Software?</a> Please see the link in german title is in english.

11-10-10, 20:58
OK - now I understand. I was confused and not sure is it about title HTML tag or something else.

Please that vBET translates only text between tags. Text inside of tags attributes is not translated now. So visible text on page is translated and rest stays as it is. We made it this way for better performance and also site safety (most HTML parameters never should be automatically changed).

We added option which allows to translate content of 'alt' attributes for images (asked by our clients). It is configurable because of performance. I can move this thread to Feature Requests if you want us to add also similar option for 'title' attributes.

11-10-10, 21:03
I do not know now why we did it before only for 'alt' attribute. I expect that we had some issues, but no sure. I set it as accepted and we will see :)

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