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09-10-10, 10:07
Hi all,

I recently installed vbet and still doing some arrangements. Here is the international area and I think everyone can test websites with own languages. I will be very appriciate your positive feedbacks.

Thanks in advance.

My website : DiyetCenter - Turkey's Largest Diet and weight loss Forum (http://www.diyetcenter.com)

09-10-10, 15:53
As I see translations looks fine :)

09-10-10, 17:35
Thanks for your review :cool:

Simon Lloyd
11-10-10, 02:47
You don't have the automatic translation turned on i'm english viewing from england, browser language set to English but i, as a guest, still see your forum in turkish, also why do you have the flags right at the bottom where no-one can find them?

16-10-10, 07:47
Thanks Simon. I forced users to redirect their own language without asking.

25-02-11, 18:20
Hope it worked well for you :)

01-03-11, 10:53
Russian translation looks bad a lot of mistakes and many of the things that are not translated correctly and is not all the words are translated. It is difficult to make sense.

01-03-11, 11:02
but your post is translated very good (to english).
Secondly - vBET works on google translation engine - the best translation engine and still developed

09-06-12, 04:26
Hi friends,

ok, You don't have the automatic translation turned on i'm english viewing from england.

11-12-14, 14:52
It working good, translations are fine

08-08-15, 20:48
I'm giving the answer to this question in Turkish. It's nice.

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