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05-10-10, 19:55
When unregistered member wants to register a new account he gets database failure after filing all tables at the end. Noone can register a new account now? I need your immediate help.

Invalid SQL:
(options, parentemail, email, username, salt, passworddate, password, usergroupid, languageid, usertitle, customtitle, showbirthday, birthday_search, birthday, timezoneoffset, ****dress, vbet_def_lang, displaygroupid, joindate, lastvisit, lastactivity, autosubscribe, showvbcode, threadedmode, reputationlevelid, reputation, pmpopup, maxposts, daysprune, startofweek)
(11537751, '', 'kardelen_ksk22**********com', 'kardelenksk22', '\\w(y4I5Tv.7}<98ky5Uwe,B=|)cFX\"', FROM_UNIXTIME(1286304455), '55e50d487aa19ca1367c67c5d0f31709', 3, 12, 'Yeni Üye', 0, 0, '1985-04-26', '04-26-1985', '2', '', 'tr', '', 1286304455, 1286304455, 1286304455, -1, 1, 0, 5, 10, 1, -1, 0, -1);

MySQL Error : Unknown column 'vbet_def_lang' in 'field list'
Error Number : 1054
Request Date : Tuesday, October 5th 2010 @ 09:47:35 PM
Error Date : Tuesday, October 5th 2010 @ 09:47:35 PM
Script : http://www.mydomain.com/register.php?do=addmember
Referrer : http://www.mydomain.com/register.php?do=addmember
IP Address :
Username : kardelenksk22
Classname : vB_Database
MySQL Version :

Simon Lloyd
05-10-10, 20:53
When you used my .htaccess rewrite rules did you change the word forumz for your forum folder?

05-10-10, 21:10
No I did not. I do not use forum folder. What should I do?

Simon Lloyd
05-10-10, 21:15
That .htaccess has my folder extension, if your forum is like this www.mysite.com/forum then change the forumz to forum and you should be good :) (btw i only just bought and installed this today)

05-10-10, 21:19
Mine is www.mydomain.com

Simon Lloyd
05-10-10, 21:23
Then i would be guessing but you could do no worse than change your.htacces from the one you copied from my solution to this and see how you go

RewriteRule ^/?(af|sq|ar|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|de|el|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|vi|cy|yi)/$ vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php?vbet_lang=$1&redirected=/ [L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^/?(af|sq|ar|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|de|el|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|vi|cy|yi)/(.*)?$ vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php?vbet_lang=$1&redirected=/$2 [L,QSA]

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(admincp/|modcp/|vbseo_sitemap/|cron)
RewriteRule ^((archive/)?(.*\.php(/.*)?))$ vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php [L,QSA]

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !^(admincp|modcp|clientscript|cpstyles|images)/
RewriteRule $ vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php [L,QSA]if that doesn't work set your rewrite back to how it was before you ever changed it today and wait for someone from here to get in touch with you, at least they will be able to use your forum :)

05-10-10, 21:27
Thanks for your help but it does not solve my database problem. The problem is noone can register a new account now. Because of default language table is not known. Any idea?

Simon Lloyd
05-10-10, 21:33
change the default language in your admincp>vbet> MAIN>default language

Then for you to see your forum www.mydomain.com/en/ en if your default language is english.

Thats the best i can do as its not my mod and im no coder - sorry!

05-10-10, 21:34
Anyway thank you.:D I will wait Michal's reply.

06-10-10, 08:50
I was on your site and I can't find flags. are you sure that you imported a vBET product.xml file from do-not-uploadfolder by admincp->products and plugins->add/import product?

06-10-10, 11:25
When unregistered member wants to register a new account he gets database failure after filing all tables at the end. Noone can register a new account now? I need your immediate help.

If it still exists - please one more time import vBET product file. During installation vBET creates this column. You can find in product file:

$vbulletin->db->query_write('ALTER TABLE ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'user ADD vbet_def_lang VARCHAR(5)');

It seems that something went wrong first time. Please check does it disappear after importing vBET product file again. If still not working - please PM access details to your FTP and Admin CP - we will check it.

06-10-10, 18:46
I reinstalled plugin(overite) twice problem still exist. I sent you a PM.

06-10-10, 23:29
Got it. Please note that we have night on our time right now. Kamil will take care about it tomorrow :)

08-10-10, 12:09
Hello, I am still waiting for PM from you :)

08-10-10, 19:00
Sorry for late reply. PM sent.

08-10-10, 22:18
I unistalled and reinstalled again. The problem is solved.

08-10-10, 22:42
Thanks for your confirmation.

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