View Full Version : Integration with MGC_Chatbox_Evo

Simon Lloyd
05-10-10, 18:04
Hi i have MGC_Chatbox_Evo on my site, the translation mod translates the notices...etc but does not translate the chatbox textarea for entering your messages it also does not translate the messages in the message window, is there anyway to get these to translate too?


05-10-10, 18:29
At this moment we are not integrated with this mod. We can help mod author to made integration on his side if he will be interested.

At this moment we have long list of features for native vBET which will be used by all users. Still we have in mind to support at least some mods for chat if it will be possible (it can require changes in their code).

Integration cases have separate forum here - so I move it in appropriate place :)

Simon Lloyd
05-10-10, 18:35
Thanks and my apologies :)

05-10-10, 18:56
Nothing to apologize - we are here for helping you and keeping order on forum :)

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