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04-10-10, 20:14

I have thousands of such errors in the error log:

Call to undefined function vbet_getRedirectionLanguage() in /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_hooks.php on line 952

Line 952 or line 947, depending on the redirect method you used.

The Forum and the Translations work obviously. How can I fix this?

Thanks & Regards


05-10-10, 11:44
Please try this quick fix:
1. Edit file includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_hooks.php
2. Find:

function vbet_global_bootstrap_init_start2() {
3. Add BELOW:

require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_lang.php');

Please answer me after this edit.

06-10-10, 10:48

the Fix seems to work. Thank You Very Much.

Now remains one last sporadic error message:

PHP Fatal error: Class 'vB_Template_Runtime' not found in /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php on line 352


06-10-10, 11:38
can you paste here a url to the site with this message?

06-10-10, 22:14
Yes, I can. :D

The URL is mobile FAQ (http://www.mobilfunk-faq.info)

Before the Fix from the second contribution were in my opinion no flags displayed, if you are in a post and was the language is not the language of the forum. That would be the error message to explain, however, is now everything. Error message
Class 'vB_Template_Runtime' not found there is nevertheless still sporadic.


07-10-10, 09:45
This class: vB_Template_Runtime is automatically use by vB when vB generate your site.
When you have this issue - your page is probably generated by mod (not vB) and this class vB_Template_Runtime (file with this class) is not in use.

So, you should find a conflict. To do this:
firstly: try to reproduce this issue on your site (find a thread, site, forum etc. when the message of issue is showed)
secondly: try to disable all mods (one by one) without vBET and try to notice, When the issue disappears.

Please, if you can find this mod - write here about it.

14-10-10, 10:39
no answer. I think - solved. If not, please write here and I will open this thread again.

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