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04-10-10, 00:44

We are very much interested to get couple of licenses for the sites .

I have few questions based on the google api terms of use as this product uses google API for translation.

Here are few things I have found on the terms page

Google AJAX API Terms of Use - page , please search as I can't paste the links until I have 15 posts.

1. submit any request exceeding 5000 characters in length;

Question : Is it covered ..? as we have articles like threads which will be more then 5000 per page or post

copy, store, archive, republish or create a database of Google Results, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, except that you may: (1) store Google Results in a temporary cache for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) days solely for the purpose of using Google Results to carry out a specific user-requested action; and/or

Question : We do get quite a bit of traffic around 6 M page views per month.. - how the product handles my situation . I know cache feature is in the product, but is there any max usage per day .

Looking forward for answers


05-10-10, 07:47

According to your questions:

1. Yes it is covered. vBET has algorithm which appropriately sends data to Google. In case if some text is very long, then it will be cut and send in parts. vBET even try to cut it intelligently - it means that not in any place, but (as I remember the order) looking for dot, if not appear then looking for comma, if not appear then looking for space and at the end just in required index place.

2. vBET has automatic cache cleaner. You can even configure strategy of cache cleaning and cache time to live (by default 15 days). Cache is filled only when requests arrive, so we do NOT made pre-cache which is not allowed by Google TOS. We are 100% OK to Google TOS :)

3. vBET do not limits any max usage per day. Please note that in very large forum adding 52 new languages at start can be too much for your server (depends on server). Still vBET is easily configurable by Admin CP - so you can turn on at beginning only some of translations and after that add new ones one by one one a few days (as cache will fulfill). Also vBET has Guest Cache feature which allows you to store results generated for guests as static files - this makes next responses for guests much faster and without usage of DB queries. vBET even allows you to define which pages are less important and configure different time to live for those in Guest Cache. Default Guest Cache time to live is 1 hour for important pages, and 15 days for less relevant (like member pages) – all easily configurable.

If you have any future questions - please just ask


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