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Lee G
01-10-10, 15:30
I just need to clarify the upgrade procedure on VBet

Im presently running VB3.8.1, with vbseo 3.5.2 and vbet 2.3.10
I will be upgrading to vbet 336 (give or take a dot here and there)

According to the instructions

Kill the rewrite rules in htaccess
Uninstall 2.3.10

Update vbseo files with edited ones (will the forums still function while this happens)
Upload all vbet files
Import product and alter as required

Do we still need the google api key?

At any stage in the above update will the forums cease to work until the changes are complete or will it work all the way through the upgrade process

Which version of the htacess rewrite rules, do we use with VBSEO?

One other question. If I set a user up as being Spanish language default
Can I take RSS feeds from local papers, post them through that user and have the posts appear in my default language on the forums as English

Sorry to be a pain with the above, I just need to have things clear in my mind, plus Im suffering with man flu, which dont help the brain functioning fully :D

02-10-10, 23:34
First please uninstall completely free version (including removing .htaccess rules). Then please install paid one. And then integrate with vBSEO. So vBSEO integration set at the end.

Google API key never was mandatory, but Google appreciate when you use it. So we advice to use it. Please note that when you uninstall free version all your configuration will be gone. So you can copy-pase your Google API key to some temporary file.

Forum should work all the time. Of course translated links will not work in the meantime between uninstalling old version and complete install and integrate new one. Still normal pages will be fine :)

Rules for paid version you will find in vBET package. Also in description of parameter switching to SEO link you will find link to those rules (you have to modify if forum uses sub-directory, so please just fallow the instructions included there).

At this moment vBET supports translation only of outgoing RSS channels. We already have feature request to support also translation of incoming RSS channels and as I remember it is accepted (still no release date planned for this one).

Hope the flu will go away fast :D Just ask when you want. Everything is well described and we will answer questions when those came. So you can use our free online support, or even just order installation service (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/installation-service.php) for $30 and leave the job to us :)

Lee G
03-10-10, 14:09
Cheers for that Michael.
The way it read was to do the VBSEO code changes first or nothing would work, including admincp
Then the uploading and installing of vbet
So its a case of install vbet, then the vbseo changes prior to doing any turning on of bits

Thanks for the help and putting me straight on this

03-10-10, 17:19
That was old procedure - first vBSEO changes then vBET installation. We found a way to change it, because too many clients didn't read installation instructions ;) Actual one is safer :)

Lee G
06-10-10, 16:53
Uploaded all files, made vbseo alterations etc
When I enable the product, I get no text show on the forums at all
In admin cp, you try to save changes, enter product serial number etc and nothing saves.
You click on save and get a blank screen

I have had to disable the product at present

Lee G
06-10-10, 18:09
Found that I had to disable the product, save the changes. Set languages etc
Then re enable the product to get everything working
All seems to be working fine now though

06-10-10, 23:08
It was because most probably you was using Admin CP under translated link - please note that vBET do not care about translations of Admin CP or Moderator CP - it have no sense, since admins, moderators must know original forum language anyway :) So if you will try to translate those you can have unexpected behavior.

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