View Full Version : Solved Posts not translated.

27-09-10, 02:48
Even when members have set their default languages, it is not getting translated in the posts. Nothing, just the original foreign language.
When I wrap the language tags around the text manually it works.

What is wrong?


27-09-10, 07:22
What strategy are you using to determine message language? Please go to vBET Google options and check it.

27-09-10, 07:38
I just realized that it is a compatibility issue. It seems that this [New Version 3/1/2010] MARCO1 Hide All with Usergroups permission - Messages Manager - vBulletin.org Forum (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=228228) mod has the effect on vBET. When I disable it, vBET works fine again. Do you know of something to correct it maybe?


EDIT: What do you mean? Are you referring to "Google Language Detection"??
That is set as "Always trust user"

27-09-10, 07:58
If you have always trust user, then it should be opaqued according to user default language setting.

Great that you found the reason. It is some integration issue. We do not know now what exactly is responsible for that. vBET makes opaque using hook newpost_process - please check does MARCO1 plugin uses it too. If yes - please try to change execution order, so it executes before/after vBET - just make it opposite to actual one. It could be enough - if not we will look for other solutions.

27-09-10, 08:02
MARCO1 does not use this plugin.

27-09-10, 08:16
OK so. Please PM access details for Admin CP and FTP. I will check it on place and look for solution. You can also contact with author of the other mod for hints if you do not want to send access details. Author of mod always knows best how it works.

Also - please check again to be sure does the mod really influence vBET opaquing process.

27-09-10, 08:27
Thanks Michal. I am leaving MARCO1's product disabled for now. It is also not doing what I want it to do. So if I can get it to work properly, I will then enable it again, and we can take it further. Thank you!

27-09-10, 14:21
As I understand at this moment you do not need more support in this issue and it can be closed. If not - please give more info :)

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