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26-09-10, 09:58
Hi, best I find the setting: "Trust Google when result is trust worthy" I can not turn on but, as written in my forum in several languages. In my forum in German, English and Portugiesisch.Es would be nice if for the function "Trust Google when result is trust worthy" languages could be set to never be translated.GrussChristian

27-09-10, 07:25
Do I understand it clear. You want additional configuration option, which will allow you to tell vBET, that if message is found to be written in specific languages (configurable), then you do not want this message to be automatically opaqued by lang bbcode. Is that what you need?

27-09-10, 15:35
I like to have the option set to:

Trust Google when result is trust worthy

And addition an field or checkbox or what ever.
But not if Google think its is: de (standard), en, pt

this languages only as an example. This is helpful for forums with multilingual Users. So "normal" User are able to write even in foreign languages. But Users with some kind of exotic languages will be translated.


29-09-10, 18:59
We will consider to make it configurable.

At this moment you can make simple modification to have this. If you want, please fallow those instructions:
1. Open /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_detection.php
2. Find:

if (!vbet_isLangSupported($lang)) {
3. Replace by:

if (in_array($lang, array('de', 'en', 'pt')) || !vbet_isLangSupported($lang)) {

Please note that it was not tested.

30-09-10, 10:35
i changed the code some minutes ago.
The first Test looking well. Let´s see how it work in normal use.


05-10-10, 11:55
Thanks for your answer.

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