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El Caballo
21-09-10, 07:54
Hi, I installed vBET and followed directions as best I could. Some are hard to understand. I edited functions_vbseo_createurl.php and functions_vbseo_url.php
I use VBSEO and I edited my .htaccess file using THIS page (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-integration-other-plugins/414-vbseo-integration.html)the best I could with directions. And now my site is a blank white page. I looked in your F.A.Q. area for 2 hours tonight. My site is in a folder of main site.
example : mainsite/forum
So I inserted my forum URL but my site is blank white page. Any help appreciated. My whole site is down...:(

Thank you
I bought the full version

21-09-10, 12:46
If you have blank page you should check do you have appropriate libriaries installed. You must have installed CURL and ICONV.
See here for details:

Please for the maintime just set vBulledin dissabled and comment vBET .htaccess rules, so your forum will work. Also please send us your actual full content of .htaccess file - we will check your rules. Still most probably - you just do not have appropriate libriaries.

There is also one more posible reason - if your page is loading and loading and loading - then you should check do you have connection with Google. Sometimes servers are blocking outgoing requests - please note that vBET requires to be allowed outgoing requests to Google - Google makes translations. You can check it using this hints: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/413-faq-2.html#post1729

El Caballo
21-09-10, 13:29
Hi, thank you for tips!! :) I did google check and the results was >
Starting translation test
Test result: {"responseData": {"translatedText":"powitanie"}, "responseDetails": null, "responseStatus": 200}
Test error:

So all is good there. I can go to admin cpanel page :)

CURL and ICONV is installed! I am still confused

El Caballo
21-09-10, 13:32
I found that I replaced code in functions_vbseo_url.php and I should of added code before it. So I fixed that. But the site still does not work. It is blank. What example file is in do not upload folder? I do not see a example .htaccess file.

El Caballo
21-09-10, 17:46
I can now see my sit and have it disabled. I know there is no 24/7 support. But do these guys just reply for a hour a day? For $90 add on, instructions are ok. But, hard hard hard to understand:confused:

21-09-10, 22:38
Hi. I saw your previous messages and you described next steps you fallowed - your description told me that you are still in progress. Sorry - I didn't find out that you are asking for more help.

First of all - do you have now disabled vBET, commented vBET .htaccess files and removed vBET integration code from vBSEO?
If yes and your forum is still crashed then it is not vBET fault. It cannot be vBET fault if vBET is not working.
In such case please make sure that you are working on original vBSEO files again (i.e. copy those 2 changed again from vBSEO package).

So this is first step - make your forum available again.

Next one is - make vBET run. First - enable it, and for tests set links to language? type - this doesn't require any .htaccess changes. Move to next step only when translations are working.

Next - change to SEO links and edit .htaccess file. Example of rules are included in vBET package, but please read carefully description under link in vBET options - you must modify rules if your forum uses directory in URL. Move to next step only when translations are working.

Integrate vBET with vBSEO according to integration instructions given in readme.html file.

Please do it step by step. Start with disabling vBET completely. Tell which step makes you problem and what this problem is about.

El Caballo
21-09-10, 23:48
Hello, I uninstalled the whole thing and removed vBET integration code from vBSEO. I PM'ed about you installing it, I just don't have the time to test different settings on this. Just need a working vBET. Can someone send me or PM me what I need to give to you guys so you can install?

Sorry about time difference.

22-09-10, 13:41
Already send in PM. Because you bought installation service and we will take care about your installation I'm closing this thread.

El Caballo
22-09-10, 14:38
Thank you :D

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