View Full Version : Solved Branding Free bought but still text credits in footer

20-09-10, 12:02

I bought the branding free license but still the credit text is in the footer.
Only credit link was removed.

Branding free means no mention of the product, that is what I bought.

How do I remove it?

And yes, this MUST be the standard option.
You can't sell branding free and then brand it anyways and expect users to edit files every time there is an upgrade!

20-09-10, 12:10
Hi please note that by default BF package has only removed credit link, but as BF license owner you have full right to also remove information about the product. Instructions will be send in PM.

20-09-10, 12:15
Yes I know that you handle it this way.

However this is not good practice.

Branding free means "free of branding" and that is not what you deliver!

Editing your product files to remove the branding each time I upgrade is annoying.
I payed for a branding free product so please deliver one.

I strongly suggest you reconsider your current handling of branding free

20-09-10, 12:33
I was just about to write in previous message that we will not include it anymore in next releases, but want it to be nice surprise and removed it before send :D
Seems there will be no surprise ;)

Information how to remove it was send in PM just as described in last post :)

Yes - I completely agree that users with BF license want absolutely no information about product version.
Please note that we do not sell branding free product, but branding free license which allows users to remove credit link (we even remove it by default if someone makes upgrade or new installation). It is all according to license. If someone feels mislead then most probably he didn't read license agreement. There is described what means Branding Free license and what it allows to. Please note that license name is not subject of interpretation - it is clearly described by license itself. We deliver what we sell. Please do not scream that we do not, because it is not true - just please read license agreement and you will know what means vBET Branding Free license.

Also please note that in last releases of BF version we leave product version info mostly for support issues - it helps to recognize which version is used without access to Admin CP. But since most BF users uses their right to remove version info, we hardly have chance to use it + as you described it was only additional upgrade step for BF version to remove it again + additional tasks for us to response how to remove it.

So we do decided to remove it by default in next BF release :) Maybe it will be configurable – so BF users will be able to decide, maybe just removed. We will see :)

20-09-10, 12:37
Thank you.

Just a note:
Version numbers in copyright texts are always a big security risk because scanning the net for exploit victims is so much easier if each website tells you that it runs the exploitable version.

This is one of the reasons for me to buy branding free versions

20-09-10, 12:45
So you are more secured and you will not have to remove this information anymore :)

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