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El Caballo
18-09-10, 16:35
Hi, I speak English and Our forum is in English currently. My question is, I don't understand some things about VBet,

1.So if a person visits who speaks for example German. When he goes to my site... is it automatically in German?
2.Do they have to switch it over to their language?
3.Is there something in their language that lets them know to switch?
4.Or do they see flags and click?
5. Last question, when they go to make a post. Are the directions there explaining how to do it so their language translates? Or is it automatic?

Thank you. I am so very interested in this. I am ready to buy now. I just want to make sure all will work how I think it will. Plus I use Photopost Pro, Tournament and ladders, and a few others in the forum. I see Photopost Pro works. I hope my other plugins will too!

El Caballo
18-09-10, 20:44
Hi again. I have been visiting forums with VBet in them. And everyone has a notice that does not translate. We really need that to translate for us. Also the words 'register' 'username' and 'password' never translates on any forum I visited that had VBet installed. Does this latest version fix these problems?

El Caballo
20-09-10, 03:11

20-09-10, 11:58
Hi :)

Sorry for late answer. This week I was offline and Kamil is on vacation till end of this month. Usually we support at weekends, what you can check yourself finding our support messages from other weekends. So one again sorry for this one :)

Answering your questions.
1. You can set vBET option so German speaking guests will be automatically redirected to German translation (basic on browser headers).
2. They can, but don't have to - see first answer.
3. I do not understand the question...
4. All users see flags and can switch to other language any time.
5. When users write in different languages, then vBET can recognize message language (configurable).

About other plugins. Only some plugins require special integration. Most plugins work well without any additional steps.

About not translating 'username' and 'password' - as I see it translates on our forum. Just check Japanese translation. No one wrote thread about issues in this area. Also please note that vBET do not translate at this time content of buttons. This is the only visible thing which is not translated now and the reasons is that buttons have their content inside of html attribute instead of inside of html tag body.

El Caballo
21-09-10, 03:52
Thank you for reply. I will buy now******

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