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  1. Solved Posting directly as Russian, charset is off
  2. Solved Flags ABOVE the site?
  3. Solved VB 3.8.6 LP1 add product BLOCKED
  4. Solved The legend on the forum
  5. Solved Cannot Uninstall Product
  6. Solved Unable to uninstall vbet without breaking the forum
  7. Solved I need help in Installing VBulletin!
  8. Solved Fresh Install Not Working After Integration With Latest Version Of VBSEO
  9. Solved a new topic "[/langtitle]" on-off properties
  10. Solved Translate limit immediately ends ?
  11. Solved Thanks to vBet Forumdisplay Thread Show Problem
  12. Solved vbet translator 3.6.2 translat problem
  13. Solved How to make database cache, never deleted/cleaned, so no need to be translated again?
  14. Solved Page not redirecting properly, Microsoft azure only, using Apertium and Google api 2 is working
  15. Solved I am lost lol
  16. Solved What would cause the posting flags *not* to display?
  17. Solved Vbseo urls problem
  18. Solved Struggling to re-install VBET
  19. Solved vBet notes not that Microsoft's translation API is down
  20. Solved How to turn off vbet and keep translations?
  21. Solved .htaccess for sub domain vbulletin
  22. Solved Can someone supply me the readm.html from the vbet 3.5.4?
  23. Solved can't access this site thru Google
  24. Solved I reinstalled vBet
  25. Solved branding free?
  26. Solved vBET not work
  27. Solved translation does not work
  28. Solved Since latest upgrade of vbet server reports excessive use of resources by vbet
  29. Solved PHP errors after install
  30. Solved vBET should NOT be linked to this forums server!
  31. Solved After Upgrading to VBET354 -- translations no longer working
  32. Solved Submenus with language set in query url are not showing
  33. Solved People who visit my site are first asked a question in russian?
  34. Solved Thread content not being translated
  35. Solved Microsft Translation API by Azure: The required field \u0027client_id\u0027 is missing.
  36. Solved Archive invisibile flag icons?
  37. multiple SQL errors (gone away) after upgrade
  38. Solved Problem in the MOD (empty boxes)
  39. Solved Still getting blank translations
  40. To explain Login Help
  41. Solved Paid for Product But Cannot download.
  42. Open 500 error
  43. Solved Blank translation, Dead pages and absolutely killed my gopogle crawling time
  44. Open All translations stopped working - all threads are blank when a flag is clicked
  45. Solved Unable to disable vBET? (Urgent)
  46. Solved translation does not work
  47. Solved sql errors daily
  48. Solved Trouble with VBET
  49. Solved Beta thread title translation issue
  50. Solved vBET 3.5.1 not retranslating when available
  51. Solved Disable but not install
  52. Solved Further explanation for constant use of vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php
  53. Solved Uninstall Problem - MySQL Error
  54. Solved Major translation issues
  55. Solved MORE BUGS - You drive me mad.
  56. Solved Very strange issue
  57. Solved photopost and external vb for vbet
  58. Solved Problems with page formatting for members only
  59. Solved 404 in ver 3.4.1
  60. Solved Google refuse to index the additional URLs created by vBET
  61. Solved Problems with the titles translated meta thread
  62. Solved Help! vBET Screwing Up Regular Words
  63. Solved vBET delete - crawl error 100.000
  64. Solved duplicate pages
  65. Solved Trouble with aditional usergroups configuration in my site
  66. Solved Untranslated title in forumhome
  67. Solved Please check my forum is it ok?
  68. Solved PHP Error: stream not opened
  69. Solved Activate/Deactivate vbet without trouble
  70. Solved Need help reducing server load
  71. Solved Disabaling language in .htaccess
  72. Solved No license
  73. Solved Adsense and vBET
  74. Solved After install problems with translations
  75. Solved Translation Settings
  76. Solved Latest vBET for vB3.8.6 prevents access URGENT
  77. Solved Extra added usergroups
  78. Solved Error in sitemap generator
  79. Solved Problem with download license
  80. Solved bug 4.1 -> 1.4
  81. Solved $ (dollar sign in URL) causing redirect errors
  82. Solved after update - nothing works anymore
  83. Solved Download VBet not work anymore!
  84. Solved Google showing 3 version of same url in webmaster tools
  85. Solved Integrating with reviewpost (same as photopost)
  86. Solved Request for assistance on sitemap
  87. Solved Clearing guest cache gives this error
  88. Solved Google has removed all indexed translated pages
  89. Solved How to install vbet with photopost
  90. Solved VBSEO Sitemap Issue - No Foreign Character URLs
  91. Solved Using vbulletin 3.6.12, have problem on RSS feed, and Archive
  92. Solved Pages all messed up
  93. Solved google warning and Tags only
  94. Solved Strange requests to Google API on the main page
  95. Solved Various language tables keep crashing in database?
  96. Solved After upgrade, Google removed all index
  97. Solved Alt text in flags
  98. Solved Troubleshooting .htaccess
  99. Solved This forum is flawed
  100. To explain Google Email Warning: Googlebot found an extremely high number of URLs on your site
  101. Solved Not translated rss
  102. Solved after long time, it does not work anymore
  103. Solved vBET Issues - Slow Queries / Apache Threads.
  104. Solved Translator does not always display the translated text
  105. Solved Post untranslated
  106. Solved Cache clearner issue
  107. Solved Translator consuming too much CPU and not exiting properly
  108. Solved Problem After Delete vbenterprisetranslator Product!
  109. Solved Collapse visits from google on October 22
  110. Solved How can I be sure I been crawled?
  111. Solved Redirect Killing My Ads!
  112. Solved User CP option in profile doesnt update lang settings
  113. Solved vbseo 3.2 intergration help with vbulletin 3.8
  114. Solved installation- install -guide
  115. Solved regular expression segmentation
  116. Solved $vbenterprisetranslatorflagsdropdown Location
  117. Solved Strange URLs
  118. Solved Flags location
  119. Solved Link Type
  120. Solved Translateing numbers into hyphens
  121. Solved vBulletin templates
  122. Solved Anyone know why all my English pages are messed up but the translations work ?
  123. Solved Htaccess is all messed up
  124. Solved vBET doesn't work when PHP is run as an apache module
  125. Solved Upgraded to latest version now pages get errors
  126. Solved Ask user to choose language on session start
  127. Solved 404 and redirect errors in sitemaps
  128. Solved link in navbar
  129. Solved how to translate a non vb page or fix the url?
  130. Solved Is this correct htaccess?
  131. Solved Forum notification double or triple posting?
  132. Solved Thread titles aren't translated
  133. Solved BBCODE broken after vBAdvanced integration
  134. Solved Showthread.php?p=x not rewritten
  135. Solved Wiki in sub directory issues
  136. Solved Users set language not honoured
  137. Solved Registration Problem
  138. Solved Replace Non-English Characters in URLs?
  139. Solved Translations are not working
  140. Solved How to integrate my vBAdvanced CMPS page outside the forum root?
  141. Solved Unable to change languages
  142. Solved Photoplog issue
  143. Solved After installation I got blank page
  144. Solved [wanted] any tut for Curl and iconv
  145. Solved Cache Cleaner Errors
  146. Solved vBAdvanced CMPS issues
  147. Solved Not using vBSEO
  148. Solved Google is emailing me about (404) soft errors ?!?
  149. Solved Get error message every moving threads
  150. To explain The problem with encoding in liknach
  151. Solved Stop translation of a url
  152. Solved Installation problem with vbseo
  153. Solved Guest cache issue
  154. Solved vBSEO issue
  155. Solved Vbadadvanced home page error
  156. Solved Home page not translating
  157. Solved CPU usuge is rediculous!
  158. Solved VBET stopped working after 3.8.6 PL1
  159. Solved Language codes showing!!
  160. Solved Upgraded to PHP 5.2.14 - Some languages are broken
  161. Solved Flag spacing
  162. Solved Big mess!!
  163. Solved Problem with VBET 3.3.5
  164. Solved I post a new thread or reply to a thread or delete a post it redirects me to a blank page...
  165. Solved HTML Comments displayed in reported post username
  166. Solved google
  167. Solved High CPU contantly on dedicated server
  168. Solved Template problem missconfiguration layout in main forums
  169. Solved LiteSpeed
  170. Solved Emptying vbet_guestcache causes thousands of 404 errors
  171. Solved My vbet_guestcache folder is too big, what can i do?
  172. Solved Translated text blank
  173. Solved Unsuccess Story?
  174. Solved Code unwanted in reply post tittles
  175. Solved Private Messages translated text blank
  176. Solved corrupt cache tables
  177. Solved Problem with some words with accens
  178. Solved upgrade to 3.3.4
  179. Solved Problem integration reviewpost / photopost
  180. Solved vBET Serious Bug Found!!
  181. Solved My site is not being indexed x52?
  182. Solved Title translation cut short in vBadvanced (recent topics)
  184. Solved Problem
  185. Solved vBET 3.3.4 Performance Problem
  186. Solved Vbet break my forum
  187. Solved Upgrade error
  188. Solved Database backup file too big!
  189. Solved Redirect loops
  190. Solved vbet322 WITH IE trouble
  191. Solved no traslation
  192. Solved Not translating from anything but English?
  193. Solved No save button in main vBET settings?
  194. Solved Sporadic Translation
  195. Solved Sitemap problems and reduce the number of results on google site address
  196. Solved Langtitle not parsed
  197. Solved Compression error!
  198. Solved problem
  199. Solved not translate
  200. Solved Translating in MSIE 8 'sticks'
  201. Solved Power servers
  202. Solved Problems with vBet (vBadvanced / Blank Pages)
  203. Solved Post too long to be translated?
  204. Solved Fall Connection
  205. Solved Error in editor
  206. Solved white page when translating rss feeds
  207. Solved Flags Not showing up in new version
  208. Solved I RECIVE this erorr
  209. Solved Installation problem
  210. Solved Korean translation
  211. Solved accented letters
  212. Solved HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error
  213. Solved Registration Emails not translated
  214. Solved Firefox Style problem
  215. Solved Site slow after cache clearing
  216. Solved More load problems
  217. Solved Bad redirect
  218. Solved Arabic, Korean, etc. .. Japanase Translate
  219. Solved server that falls
  220. Solved vbenterprisetranslatorflagsdropdown
  221. Solved Correcting CSS file location
  222. Solved Invalid argument supplied for foreach () in [path] / includes / class_postbit.php (294)
  223. Solved Inquiries to the NAT table on the original language
  224. Solved Server Load
  225. Solved vbseo sitemap problem - sitemap url redirects to homepage
  226. Solved How to disable translated URLs
  227. Solved 404 errors
  228. Solved vBET+lighttpd+vbseo
  229. Solved Change PM email notifications?
  230. Solved Translations not working at all!
  231. Solved Ignore url not working
  232. Solved Emptiness instead of translated text on pages
  233. Solved Vbseo problem
  234. Solved Question about vBSEO sitemaps + vBET
  235. Solved Error ...
  236. Solved Two issues with vBET currently
  237. Solved Strange problem
  238. Solved Question about 'Default Language' setting.
  239. Solved Security Issue with admincp links
  240. Solved Forum links problem once again
  241. Solved Error page translator
  242. Solved Banned from google?
  243. Solved Bugs following upgrade:
  244. Solved Showing high cpu usage in vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php
  245. Solved My Navbar disapears
  246. Solved Translation url address ...
  247. Solved subdirectory with another script
  248. Solved redirect question
  249. Solved need help
  250. Solved Problems uninstalling vBET 3.2.2
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