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  1. Doubts to make beckup of the database
  2. Costs optimization - how vBET allows to use FREE and/or CHEAPER machine translation
  3. Using apertiumtest.php, what is looks like works and not works
  4. Question
  5. How to make some text not translated?
  6. Manual Translations
  7. Manual translations : How to edit/translate text, that not inside the body page?
  8. Microsoft translation API's
  9. How to saving/frugal money, using paid Google v2 API. Please share your tips and tricks!
  10. Extra changes with new vBET version?
  11. Google PAID api
  12. Sitemap integration optimization
  13. Google paid api
  14. Too many languages = bad?
  15. htaccess rules
  16. Changing posts per page option
  17. Visite dirette Google Analytics
  18. vBET and vBulletin 3.8.7
  19. vBET and vBSEO 3.6.0
  20. Stop looking after x failures (Database Cache)
  21. Next release
  22. Request/Discussion: What about a XenForo version ?
  23. Hide drop-down translation menu on navbar for logged in members?
  24. Caches and database use
  25. Just confirming the upgrade procedure
  26. foreign language to english
  27. Replace a single flag?
  28. Upgrading vBSEO
  29. File Cache Beta
  30. Changing posts per thread option
  31. Button!
  32. vBET 3.3.4 and vBSEO 3.3.2 issue
  33. As branding free?
  34. Flag images alternative options
  35. Few questions about new version 3.3.2
  36. HTML cleanup
  37. Can i disable some plugins?
  38. How big does your database get?
  39. How can I make links to translated pages - nofollow
  40. As it is called mod ... ?
  41. Performance with large cache
  42. About cache tables in the database
  43. OMG see this response
  44. Where do you place your flags for guests?
  45. How to take a backup of database without language cache content
  46. Google Email
  47. vbet loads
  48. Google and bettering translations
  49. vBET and performance
  50. Multiple language help
  51. Any date for 3.3.0?
  52. vBSEO's html cleanup
  53. different style
  54. CMS
  55. Request help for default language
  56. vBulletin Enterprise Translator (vBET) Affiliate Program ?
  57. How much faster is cache load time in 3.0?
  58. vBET is working on vBulletin with any charset!
  59. Avoid typos
  60. Translated RSS channels
  61. How does it works - manual about multi language support
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